Where did H!P go?

It’s not just me, right? …What? Hey, don’t look at me like that! <_< I know I’ve been gone for a little while(over a month, to be exact). But, seriously, doesn’t it feel like nothing has been going on in Hello! Project? I know that there’s been Mobekimasu, BerryzxC-ute, and UFA nonsense, but it’s nothing I call important!! Where’s Berryz?? Where’s C-ute?? Where’s MoMusu?? Sumaireji is basically dead. Mano has been MIA. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s concerts and tours, but still! There’s been a few big announcements lately–one of which is making me crazy with happiness.

There’s been some drastic changes in S/mileage this year. Our first bomb is the addition of new members. That’s something that absolutely nobody saw coming–or even wanted, for that matter. Along with these newbies, we get the news that Sakichi is leaving. That definitely struck a cord with me, considering that Ogawa was my second favorite Sumaireji and one of my very favorite H!P kids. But no, that’s not all. Our third bomb of the year is the graduation of Yuuka Maeda.

That’s right folks, Yuuka is the next S/mileage member to leave the group, and the second original member. Back in May, when we first got the announcement of new members, Yuuka and Saki were the two that were not thrilled of the news. Now, I’m not saying that that is the reason these two are leaving. According to the announcement, Yuuka wants to focus on getting into college, and she’ll be saying goodbye on December 31st. It sounds pretty reasonable, considering that she’s 17 this year and college is only a year away. On the flip side, Saki’s graduation was because she felt that she wasn’t as confident as she felt that she should be. And this statement was said around the time the new members were announced. Does this mean that the new members were basically their tickets to leave? Since the members are here, it’s not like it would be a major hit to the group if the left, right? It’s possible, but it might not even be the case. We’ll never really know the conclusion to that argument. But, do you think that the girls still would’ve left even if there were no new members?

Buono!’s upcoming single entitled, DEEP MIND, is set to release on January 18th, 2012. A full-length preview is above. Personally, I’m loving it. It’s that really hardcore Buono! that people have been craving lately. I hope that the PV can keep up with it.

In addition to their upcoming single, Buono! will be performing in Paris, France on February 12, 2012. It’ll be their first time in Europe and the second time a Hello! Project group has visited Europe. It could’ve been Buono!’s second appearance in Europe but the Sweden Japan Expo was cancelled a year or two ago. I know the French love H!P, considering the large reception of Morning Musume’s visit over there.

Speaking of foreign performances, another beloved group of mine is making an appearance in an unexpected place. This also has to be the announcement of the month(announcement of the year belongs to Saki’s graduation). Berryz Koubou, my favorite J-pop group of all time; the girls that got me into H!P and J-pop; these wonderful, gorgeous, idolized young women are coming back to the States. Where, exactly? New Jersey. New. Jersey. Do you understand how unbelievably shocked and ecstatic I was when I first saw this? No, of course you can’t, I said it was unbelievable. But seriously, no J-pop artist ever comes to the East Coast. And now they are. They are. I never thought this would happen. I only dreamed about it, but never really considered the chances of them coming over here. But they are! And not in New York, not in some other east coast state. New freaking Jersey. My state. I can’t even explain how happy 2012 is going to make me. I am already dying to register for this Japan convention. Calling all east coasters, calling all New Jersians, COME TO THIS CON! We have to show them that they have fans on the east coast, too! Better yet, let’s beat the west coast! Come on!! We have to show Berryz our love!! <33


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