Top! Series – Best Buono! B-sides [Part XI]

Welcome to a very, very long, overdue post of Top! Series! Today, I bring you week 11 and the Buono! b-sides I think are the very best. Almost every Buono! song is amazing in its own way. So, instead of choosing 10 songs overall, I’ve made it easier on myself to choose just from their b-sides. You may not have the same opinion, but, these are still the best ;]


An instead fan-favorite; one listen proves why. This song is just so awesome. All of the instruments go together so perfectly–I’m really loving the drums. The tiny element of the “dinging” sound works as well. I also think all of them sound great. And the way they say “Juicy” is just adorable. It’s like one of them is actually saying it with an “s” sound and the others are using “sh.” x’D

09. Janakya Mottainai!

Oh, the guitar in this song is just pure love. It sounds just so damn awesome and makes you wanna head-bang forever. But then the chorus comes along and it’s a bit softer but still maintains a rock mentality. The instrumental break is one of my favorite of theirs. Even though it was their 2nd single, they did a great job singing this.

08. Kokoro no Tamago

Oh, my lawd, how I was in love with this song when I first heard it. It was so fun and cute and sweet. I loved it. It has a funky, jazzy feel to it, but is still really adorable. I just love their singing here, ‘specially Momo. It’s just a lovable song altogether.

07. Runaway Train

This song is really head-bobbing. It makes me wanna get up and rock out, lol. It’s one of the more “true rock” Buono! songs. It’s really fun and brightening, as well. When I hear this song play, it really helps to lift my mood. It’ll always bring a smile to my face. Runaway Train gets number 7 for being happy and smooth.

06. Ice Mermaid

One of those old-school sounding songs but still manages to keep a modern, fun feel. It has jazzy elements and makes it that much better. On top of that, all of them sing absolutely awesome in this song. Their octaves are a bit deeper than usual and it works perfectly. I love when Momo sings deep, it’s like her real singing voice. This is just an awesome b-side for an awesome single.

05. Kirai Suki Daikirai

Kirai Suki Daikirai is super fun and addicting. It has a very happy and uplifting feel. At first, the verses are soft, then the choruses are awesome–the drums really own the show there. This song is an awesome summer song. It’s one of those songs that you sing along and act all wild. Deserves the number 5 spot, all the way.

04. Muteki no ∞ Power

This song is fun and happy! I couldn’t stop listening when it first came out. It’s definitely much better than the a-side, I love the fast paced-ness and the awesome guitar. The chorus is really upbeat–I love the note changing at every syllable. Just an awesome Buono! b-side.

03. Warp!

Oh, Warp! is just irresistible. If you say you don’t like this song, you’re lying. It has such an inspirational feel that makes you wanna get up and sing along. The chorus is especially lovable. It’s a song that if you were to sing live, everyone would be jumping up and down. Totally deserves a number 3 spot.

02. Lady Panther

Oh, man. You all know I have a thing for those disco-esque, funky songs. Lady Panther is just the definition of a great jitterbug-type song. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone could not like this song. It’s so fun and I can never skip it. It just makes you wanna snap your fingers and sway your body side to side.

01. My Love


The number one b-side goes to My Love. Why? Because it just defines Buono!’s flare, uniqueness, and perfection. It’s funky, it’s rock, it’s fun, it’s upbeat. It just defines Buono!. The chorus is so catchy and dancey. I just cannot get enough of this song. One of the best Buono! songs and obviously the best b-side.




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