S/mileage’s new…sub-members??

The new “members” of S/mileage were announced a few days ago, and everyone might’ve already heard about it; but now it’s time for my opinion.

On August 14th, 5 new girls were added to S/mileage’s roster. Tsunku had announced this audition back in May. The announcement had created a stir among fans; some liking the idea, some hating it. I, personally, was part of the fraction of fans that hated it. And honestly, I still am. 12,000 girls initially auditioned and the last round had brought that down to only 12.

Instead of announcing these five girls as new S/mileage members, they were announced as sub-members. Yup, SUB-members. This means that they basically aren’t real members. So you ask, what the hell’s the point of that? Really, it’s only Tsunku’s way of gaining more publicity, I swear it is. I mean, why else would you take all this time to pick out more than a few girls if not all of them were going to be in the group anyway? At first, there was an announcement of a demotion; meaning that one or two or maybe all girls wouldn’t be in the role that they are currently in. Tsunku scrapped this idea and the fans let out a sigh of relief. But, Tsunku had something else mind(who would’ve thought?).

Turns out, these sub-members will have each of their own fate. The new girls–Rina Katsuta, Meimi Tamura, Kana Nakanishi, Fuyuka Kosuga, & Akari Takeuchi–will either become a full member, an egg, continue activites elsewhere in Hello! Project, completely removed, or stay as a sub-member longer. Only one member will be one of each option. As an “initiation,” the girls that weren’t already H!P Eggs, got their skirts cut short(get it? shortcut?) by 3 of the original members; shown below.

I am really struggling to even…remotely care about this. I really loved S/mileage as a 4nin group. I thought they would be like that for a very, very long time. But no, 2 years after they originally form, they get thrown 5 new chicks. Even the originals themselves didn’t even want new members. But they have to deal with it because it’s not their decision. I tried really hard to involve myself and watch the auditions, but I couldn’t even really get into it. I was too put off by the fact that my second favorite H!P group is completely changing. I loved S/mileage and the way they were, but I guess I can’t do anything about it either. When I was watching the auditions, I really thought that Karin would make a perfect member. Even though she doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, I still thought she would make a perfect member. Surprisingly, she didn’t even make the 5 girls that did make it through. I have a strong feeling she’ll be added to the 10th generation roster of Morning Musume. Some people really wanted Da Yeon to get into S/mileage as well. I strongly disagreed with that. She’s way too inexperienced and unsure about her own skin. The whole time I’m watching her and reading people’s stupid comments, I’d just think, “How did she even win the audition in Korea? And what the hell have they been doing for the past 2 years?” Because if you’re training, or something like it, all that time, you’d think she’d gain enough confidence in herself to not look so uneasy. Then people want her Morning Musume? That’s really beyond my limits of understanding.

Well, to finish up this post, I don’t know where my fandom of S/mileage will be after this. Hopefully, I’ll still love them. Even though the former Eggies(the original S/mileage) will be possibly overshadowed with all this bullshit going on, they still have a special little spot in my heart. And none of these new girls will move them, they’ve been together for so many years–even before S/mileage, guys. These new chicks will only be known as newbies. I hope that they are truly satisfied with the new girls coming in, and that none of them have a hint of despair about it. Till the next post, ~Kio.


4 thoughts on “S/mileage’s new…sub-members??

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  2. I agree with you completely.
    I couldn’t even watch this:

    I was like WHAT?! ;A; NOO! I WANT MY ORIGINAL 4 BACK!
    Dx Now Yuuka’s leaving!
    S/mileage ;(

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