[PBSpam! Part VIII] Can’t forget those lips!

Hey guys! I haven’t done a series post in a long, long time. Today, is an update on PBSpam! This time, it’s a C-utie~ She isn’t in the spotlight too much, has an adorable singing voice, and awesome lips! She also happens to be my second favorite C-ute member. Do you know?

Title: NACKY

Girl: Saki Nakajima

PB #: 1st

Release Date: December 9th, 2009

Lol. She looks scared. INTRUDER!

Cute picture~ The background looks so green!

Aww, such a sweet picture~<3

Haha, she looks out of place, somehow. Like they pasted her onto the picture, lol.

I like her seifuku! It doesn’t look super traditional. Sporty in a way~

Aww. Someone needs to join her! She’s lonely!

Cover picture! Major close-up, man.

Awww. She’s lonely again!

That’s a cute bathing suit–wait, no! Don’t quick!

Dude, this dress is sooo cute! I LOVE the colors.

Aww! Big smile! :D

LOL. Another big eyes picture.

Oh my gosh, lonely for the third time!

Cuute~ “Hug and Kiss!!” hat, haha.

Wait..she…matches what’s behind her perfectly, lol.

Haha, she looks so young~

I love this outfit. I don’t like blue on blue, but it works. And those shoes are adorable.

Pretty picture~~ I love twin braids on her<3

Weird angle, lol.

I like this picture~ Very, very nice one of hers. And her bathing suit is very cute.


LOL. This made me laugh at first. Looked like she was flying at first.


Lol @ the photographer in the corner.

Those socks are soo cute~

Little red bonbons in her hair~

Water is soo blue and clear~ She’s adorable<3

Haha, awww! I wanna take a picture like this x’D

Aww, that thingy is cute, lol.

LMAO. Crazy eyes yet again!

Prettyyy~ Awesome setting.


Last picture~ Really, really pretty.

Overall: The PB was really, really gorgeous. There were barely any shots that I didn’t like. Basically every photo was gorgeous. And they really showed off Nakky’s soft and upbeat sides. Nakky has really grown up within the time she’s been in H!P. She’s one of the more beautiful transformations I’ve seen from any H!P member. Like a true butterfly. And those lips! Ahhh<33

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