[PBSpam! Part VIII] Can’t forget those lips!

Hey guys! I haven’t done a series post in a long, long time. Today, is an update on PBSpam! This time, it’s a C-utie~ She isn’t in the spotlight too much, has an adorable singing voice, and awesome lips! She also happens to be my second favorite C-ute member. Do you know?

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Two Year Anniversary!

Unfortunately, I’m one day late, LOL. But I honestly forgot yesterday xD Anyway, it’s been two years since I started this blog. I’m very happy that I’ve been around for this long. And I’m happy that I even get views.

Above are the views for my blog. So far, I have 16,000+ views! That’s a massive difference to the only 1,000+ views I had last year. I’m super, super stoked about that! Thanks everyone! Looks like my busiest day had 138 views, which was January 8, 2011. On that day, I had posted a PBSpam! of Risako. But the most popular post that day was Favorite Korean Artists–a Top! Series post.

These are the top 10 posts of all time so far. Of course the home page isn’t a post, lol, but it looks like it’s taking the lead. Most of my “extra fun” posts are on here. Like Top!, PBSpam! and reviews.

Hehe, I found it funny that Brown Eyed Girls is first and Epik High is third as I only talked about them once xD People are obsessed with Kpop. Oh, and Sayumi, too. She’s in the top 10 two times! Stupid Mano is up there. I guess everyone understands my dislike then xD Buono! MM! Takahashi? Why so many Takahashi searches, lol? Koharu~ I’m cool with Koharu :3 And S/mileage~ I like me some Smilez~

Anyway, I know this is short but I just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks for all the views. I’m happy I’ve been blogging all this for that long. I’m getting old, LOL. -such a lie, I’m only 15- Love you all! ~Kio

Buono! + Berryz Fantasticles, plus some previews

A few things have been popping up in the H!PĀ universe. I’ve been too lazy to type it all up lately, lol. Here we go~

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Hello! Pro Releases Update~

A lot of upcoming releases have been named, new stuff has been announced, and there’s been some previews! Let’s check ’em out~<3

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