The Ultimate Profiling #1: AKB48

Here is the series that I’ve been planning for quite some time. The Ultimate Profiling will be a large article I post about a specific group or artist. They could be females or males, together or disbanded, j-pop or k-pop, whatever! I’m going to give you background information about them, give my opinion about them, elaborate on their members, and maybe talk about my favorite song by them. It’s going to be a lengthy read, so make sure to get yourself ready :] The first artist I’m going to talk about iiiiiiiissss….. AKB48!! Everyone knows who AKB is and they made headlines with their single, Beginner. Enjoy!

Artist: AKB48

Years Active: 2005 – present

Members: 48 members spread across 3 teams(A, K, B) of 16 members each

Label: King Records

AKB48 stands for ‘Akihabara48’. They are an all-female theater/idol group formed by Yasushi Akimoto. They have a theater in Akihabara where they perform once on the weekdays and twice on the weekends. Out of 7,924 girls that auditioned to be in the group back in July 2005, only 24 girls were chosen. 20 girls out of the 24 went on to become Team A. The next audition for girls required them to utilize their phones to send in their audition video. Out of 11,892 that auditioned, 18 were chosen to become Team K. In February 2006, they released their debut single Sakura no Hanabiratachi–which reached #10 on the Oricon charts and sold 22,000+ units in its first week. AKB then released Aitakatta in October 2006 under a major label. October 2006 also brought 13 new members to form Team B. Each girl present in a single is called senbatsu, or selection. People who buy the prior CD write the name of the girl they most want to see in the next release on a lottery ticket and send it in. The votes are then counted up and the girl with the most votes becomes the center for the upcoming single. AKB’s 19th single, however, is the only exception, so far, to this rule–the senbatsu were ordered in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, known in Japan as Jankenpon.


I will be going through the most popular members of AKB48 here. As trying to fit over 40 members in one post…will kill me. Since I’m still a bit new to AKB, some of these will be my first impressions of the girls. I will also probably leave out a few popular ones. I think the amount I have is much more than enough, HA.

Name: Mariko Shinoda

Nickname: Maririn

D.O.B: March 11th, 1986

Team: A

Pairing: N/A

Mariko is currently the oldest member of AKB48, and she is my very favorite member. I feel as though this woman can do no wrong. She is just absolutely gorgeous and has such a beautiful smile. Mariko also seems like one of the members with a down-to-earth personality but has that quirky edge to her. It also surprised me that she is the only member to get into AKB without an audition. She worked at a cafe on the same level as the AKB48 stage but couldn’t make it to the audition due to her working schedule. The customers loved her so much, that they got people to sign a petition for her to get into AKB48! This seriously shows how much of a peoples’ person she is.

Name: Haruna Kojima

Nickname: Nyan Nyan

D.O.B: April 19th, 1988

Team: A

Pairing: Yuko Oshima

 Haruna has been a front girl for AKB since the beginning. She has easily been dubbed “the air-headed girl” of AKB48. I first noticed Haruna in No Sleeves–an AKB subgroup. She was the tallest one with the most prominant face. She’s just one of those girls that you can’t miss. It’s also obvious that her and Yuko Oshima have a thing going on. Haruna may be in some sort of “denial”, but Yuko makes it obvious that she really likes Nyan Nyan!

Name: Sayaka Akimoto

Nickname: Saaya

D.O.B: July 26th, 1988

Team: K

Pairing: Sae Miyazawa

 Sayaka is almost too perfect. She’s one of those idols that really loves what she does. She seems like she has one of those down-to-earth, nuturing sides to her, but can also be fun and happy. She’s very womanly and looks like she’d be the person to break up fights and not cause them. I noticed her in RIVER the most. I was like, ‘OMG, IS THAT AN AMERICAN!??” Seriously, she didn’t look Japanese at all to me xD It’s very known that Sayaka has a Filipino mother. With her being my second fav AKB member, I was seriously pissed off to know that she resigned as Team K’s captain. Sayaka has too much self respect and love for her job to do something so low. And if you don’t know what happened, look it up because it’s too ridiculous for replication.

Name: Yuko Oshima

Nickname: Yuuko

 D.O.B: October 17th, 1988

Team: K

Pairing: Haruna Kojima

At first, I thought Yuko was plain out ugly. I was just like, “Who the fuck is this bitch and why is she so hideous?” But as time went on, and Heavy Rotation came out, I started liking her. I don’t know why I started liking her but I did. I thought her crinkly looking face and chipmunk teeth were super cute. Since she’s Haruna’s other half, she makes the aggresive side look fun. This girl seriously tries as hard as she can to always have Haruna’s attention; this makes them my very favorite AKB couple. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuko got Haruna to make out with her off camera! Oshi-shi is my 3rd favorite AKB-er.

Name: Minami Takahashi

Nickname: TakaMina

D.O.B: April 8th, 1991

Team: A

Pairing: Atsuko Maeda

Frequently called TakaMina by fans, Minami is the unofficial leader of AKB48. You usually are able to spot her out by looking for her infamous mini-ponytail or her height. Seriously, this girl’s gotta be only 5 feet tall. People seem to call her “a miracle idol.” To be honest, I’m not yet sure why, LOL. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like Minami–that’s not the case at all–but I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to her; I should start though. She seems to be a ball of energy on stage. It also seems like she’s on great terms with almost everyone in AKB.

Name: Tomomi Itano

Nickname: Tomochin

D.O.B: July 3rd, 1991

Team: K

Pairing: Tomomi Kasai

Tomomi is an easy fan-favorite. It’s understandable because she is cute. But you see, I normally stay away from the uber cuteness that is the general idea of Japan. I like the interesting & hawt girls. Anyway, everytime I see Tomochin, she reminds me so much of Bom. Idk, but can’t you see it? Yes, no, maybe? I do have to say, she really caught my attention in Beginner.

Name: Atsuko Maeda

Nickname: Acchan

D.O.B: July 10th, 1991

Team: A

Pairing: Minami Takahashi

Atsuko is like the Risako of Berryz, the Reina of MoMusu, the Airi of C-ute. She’s basically been the face of AKB48 since it began. And with that, she’s bound to get a lot of haters. I can’t help myself if I become one of them, but I’m trying my best to prevent it. From the outside, she seems like a really big snob. But I’m trying to see her life from her own perspective. She’s probably really tired of being in a spotlight all the time and gets frustrated with it. For right now, I’m not all that into her.

Name: Minami Minegishi

Nickname: Miichan

D.O.B: November 15th, 1992

Team: K

Pairing: Yuko Oshima

Miichan seems to have different sides to her. She’s not always cute, she also has an edgier side to her. I like that about her. She is always the same. At least, in my eyes she isn’t. Her popularity isn’t as high as it was when the group first began, but she is still one of the most popular members. Miichan has a very good sense of humor and she always makes me laugh when I see her in variety shows. She is definitely a likable gal~

Recently, AKB48 netizens went nuts over this new Research Student named Aimi Eguchi. She supposedly auditioned for NMB48 and was put into the AKB trainees. But suddenly, she got all this push–a commercial, a magazine spread, and being a poster girl. Fans either hated or loved this. But after examining this girl a little closer, you notice something… Her pictures don’t look very natural. Yes, we all know almost every photograph taken of a celebrity is photoshopped–whether it’s airbrushing or getting rid of a zit. But no, this girl doesn’t even look real! Things don’t match up. Her hair looks pasted, her eyes are super dull, some parts of her face looks distorted. What could she be? A CG Idol perhaps. I immediately thought this girl was fake. Two major factors were that her hair and eyes looked like the parts of other senbatsu members! That’s Yuko’s hairstyle and that’s DEFINITELY Tomomi’s nose. After more research, it turns out her birthday is the day Glico was founded. Her name is a portmenteaux of Aisu no Mi, which is the name of the product she is a poster girl for. All signs lead to the fact that this girl is definitely not real. People debating for days–Yes, she is! No she isn’t! Yeah huh! Not uh! Turns out, this bitch ain’t real. HA. She is made of Yuko’s hair, TakaMina’s face outline, Atsuko’s eyes, Tomomi’s nose, Mariko’s mouth, and Mayu’s eyebrows.

There are a lot of reasons to hate and love AKB. People might think they abuse their sex appeal, maybe they think they’re fanservice is way over the top. The bottom line is, they’re safe compared to what other countries do! Especially America. I honestly cannot see what people think is so “whorey” or “trashy” or “slutty” about AKB. They don’t look like sluts, they don’t act like it–why can’t you get your panties out of a bunch? People really and truly need to realize that a lot of these girls are very talented and work hard to be where they are. AKB48 is the most famous and well-known girl group of Japan and they work hard. And this is why I like AKB.

SO! I hope you enjoyed this long ass shit. I swear, I’ve been working on this since like… November xD Hopefully you read through all of it! Haha. I promise future ones won’t be as long..maybe. Until the next post, ~Kio.


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