The New Stuff.

Last on the list for my massive H!P catch-up is the new shizz that came out recently or is set to release.

Above are the covers to Berryz Koubou’s newest single, Ai no Dangan. It was released last week on June 8th. Hover your mouse for what cover is what. Below is the tracklisting and PV.

1. Ai no Dangan

2. Omoide

3. Ai no Dangan (Instrumental)

So, the PV doesn’t look as…not necessarily high-budget, but as equally intricate as Heroine. Considering the fact that it’s all shot in a black room or in front of a large monitor, and that all the outfits are the same, makes me think that not a lot of money was put into it. But that’s okay with me, I’m not all about how much they spend–as long as it’s enjoyable. To be honest, my eyes are glued on Maasa the entire time. She’s a very good performer; you can feel how much emotion she puts into it. I’m also staring at Saki–she just looks overly gorgeous. The dance isn’t anything I can really toot at(wait…did I just say toot?), but it doesn’t look lazily thrown together. The cheap visual effects are quite corny–I don’t really like them. That huge monitor looks better when it’s cut up. The only scene of the PV I find truly memorable is when they stand behind their concert colors and pose. In all, the PV isn’t all that great, but I do have a fondness for the song.

Note: The outfits aren’t that bad, stop complaining!

Note2: Ai no Dangan means Bullets of Love; Omoide translates as Memories.

Note3: Limited B’s cover reminds me a bit of the Seishun Collection one.

Note4: Why are Saki and Miyabi’s hair like…totally different in the PV and covers??


Those are the covers to Morning Musume 46th single, Only you. It released the other day, June 15th, 2011. It is the second single to feature the kyuukies. Below is the tracklisting and PV.

1. Only you

2. Yamette yo! Sinbad

3. Only you (Instrumental)

All the girls look equally good. The outfits are very pretty and I think it’s cute how the kyuukies get a different outift. The PV is very crystal-y and they even went so far to put floating crystals(which look mind-blowing ridiculous). I have to say that the dance reminds me a lot of Shouganai Yume Oibito. It pisses me off quite a bit that Riho is the only damn kyuuki singing. Well aren’t you super fucking special. I barely get a glance at the other 9th gen, especially my Kanon! I can admit that her dancing needs a bit of work, though. The song is a super AiReina show; basically no one else has solos except Riho and Risa–and rarely Aika & Sayumi. I can’t really say I like the song, either. It doesn’t flow, imo. It’s like a semi-ballad with weird rock-like breaks. It doesn’t make sense to me. And what’s up with Risa being autotuned? It does not go with the song at all!

Note: *sigh* Riho favoritism. I can already tell I’m going to highly dislike this girl.

Note2: Blonde hair on Ai is uglayyy!

Note3: I like Limited A’s cover the most.

Yuu Kikkawa got her break as a soloist, now it’s the last MilkyWay member’s turn! Sayaka Kitahara is releasing a solo single as Sorano Aoi (CV Kitahara Sayaka). Aoi Sorano is the character she voices in the series Inazuma Eleven GO. The single is titled Yappa Seishun and will release on June 22nd, 2011. I don’t think the single is under UFA, but I could be wrong.

1. Yappa Seishun

2. Gamushara

3. Yappa Seishun (Instrumental)

4. Gamushara (Instrumental)

There isn’t much to the PV…like at all. All it is is Sayaka tapping her foot, some minor side story, and a close up. There’s no dance(of course–it’s an anime song, no dance needed), with the exception of Sayaka waving her arms and tapping her foot. The blue dress is kind of cute, but it’s generic as well. I prefer her normal outfit much more. H&A member, Hitomi Yoshizawa guest stars as her coach, who ironically is a person Sayaka admires. It seems that Yoshizawa works Sayaka pretty hard–must be a reference to the anime. As for the song, it has that jazzy disco feel, like most Inazuma Eleven songs seem to have. It’s nothing too special. I do like listening to Sayaka’s voice; it’s a bit deeper than you’d expect her voice to be.

Note: Not exactly sure what Yappa Seishun means fully, but Gamushara translates as Reckless.

 June 29th, 2011 is the date Mano will release her 10th major single, My Days For You. Seishun no Serenade was a total bust and her least selling and lowest ranking single(haha). The tracklisting and PV preview are below.

1. My Days For You

2. 10 Carat no Kirameki

3. My Days For You (Instrumental)

The song is one of those calming, slow songs. I seriously shake my head furiously to anyone who thinks Mano can sing, or is even improving. Her voice is so fucking annoying and nasaly; it sounds like she’s pinching her nose while she sings. The PV does seem to be one of her better ones, however.

Note: Her hair looks SO much better. I can’t even call her Plastic Hair anymore!

Note2: How is she 20?

The almighty Buono! is set to release their 12th single, Natsu DAKARA! on July 20th. Considering the fact that Zassou no Uta sold TERRIBLY, we can only hope that the company has stepped up their game. The promo pic is above and tracklisting below.

1. Natsu DAKARA!

2. Ice Mermaid

3. Natsu DAKARA! (Instrumental)

Note: I’m liking the outfits.

Note2: Natsu DAKARA! means Because it’s Summer!

S/mileage is set to release their 6th single, Uchouten LOVE, on August 3rd. Above is the full concert rip. Right now, I’m not really liking the song. It has a heavy eurobeat and techno sound which makes me very uneasy listening to it. Saki sounds absolutely amazing. Kanon & Yuuka sound terribly annoying.

Note: Uchouten LOVE translates to Ecstatic Love.


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