Now, it’s not likely for me to post twice in one day, but this had to be done or else I would never get to it.

Bekah has announced her departure from After School

WHAAAT THE FUUUUUCK. Just when I really, really started to get into them–watching performances, getting to know members better, differentiating voices–I get this. My favorite goddamn member is leaving!

It looks like the reason for her leaving is to pursue a career of design. She’ll move back to Hawaii after doing a few graduation projects. The official date for her graduation is July 1st–which is WAY too soon. She plans to stay close with the members and maybe even help design an upcoming album for After School. Her last projects will be a self-written solo track and photo shoot.

I definitely am not happy seeing my favorite member go. Bekah was one of the reasons I decided to really get into After School. I’ve known AS since the beginning and always admired her rapping, dancing, and presence. She’s super gorgeous and has a spark–tbh, I definitely have a girl crush on her. However, I am glad to see that she is leaving to do something productive. I hope you stay prosperous, Bekah. <3


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