Auditions, huh?

In addition to my catching up, looks like there’s huge news about. Yup, you guessed it–audition time. Wait…again? And for who? Well, you probably already know and was most likely shocked–and possibly even mortified like myself. Let’s get down to business shall we?

That’s right folks. Morning Musme AND S/mileage will be holding auditions for new members. My first thought is, “Didn’t Morning Musume JUST get 4 new members?” and secondly, “…S/MILEAGE!?!?”

Let me start my rambling with Morning Musume. First off, MoMusu just got four new freshmeat in January. Yeah, you see those girls in the front row, yeah, those. Why does Tsunku want new members ALREADY? Not only that, but this just might be the shortest time lap between two auditions for any group–correct me if I’m wrong. The kyuukies haven’t even gotten a chance to warm up in MoMusu and new members are already about to be added! If I were them, I’d be a little ticked off. Like, “Damn! Can I at least get a chance to perform!?”

It looks like the application process ended yesterday. And the requirements are the same as 9th gen. Only girls aged from 10-17 will be accepted. That brings me into my next point. In my opinion, all of the older members should just GET LOST. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Ai is graduating(YESS!), which leaves Risa in charge of the group. Now.. I love Risa and all but.. I think it’s her time as well. Her best friend within the group is going, and she just isn’t really leader material, imho. She’s strong, she’s good-hearted, she’s willing..but I can’t see her as the leader of all these kids. Risa’s been in MM for the past 10 years–it’s been long enough. Along with Risa, I believe Sayumi should get lost, too. No way in hell would I want Sayu to be the leader of anything–too shallow! That leaves us with Reina as leader..and Aika as subleader.. Many of you may think I’m crazy but.. I like it. Hear me out, hear me out before you start calling names! Think about it–Reina is like a big kid, right? She’s spunky and funny, but can be serious when she needs to. She’s also been in MoMusu long enough to know how things work, how to get everyone where they need to be. I honestly believe she is a fantastic role model for the younger generations. Aika as subleader doesn’t seem SUPER, but she could do a good job of helping Reina out. She seems like the lacky type ;P

In conclusion, Morning Musume should just start over with the new, young members. Risa and Sayumi should graduate, Reina should be leader with Aika as her lacky. Reina + Aika + Mizuki + Erina + Kanon + Riho + 10th gen = Morning Musume 2011 – ?

In addition to the MM auditions, S/mileage will also be having new member auditions! This came as…a complete and total shock to me. I love S/mileage as four, I just don’t see the need of numerous members for this group. To me, they are fine the way they are. Why feel the need to add new members? Besides, all of the S/mileage members have been together for MANY years before S/mileage started. Adding newbies would make them feel like, “How are we not good enough?”

Above is the video of the audition announcement, and it’s very obvious the news came as a shock greater than a lighting bolt to the girls. It seriously pains me to even watch the video fully. Saki is struggling, she definitely wants to cry. Ayaka seems like she heard the news already or it doesn’t exactly bother her that new members will be joining them. I feel like Kanon is hurting deep down but is trying to cover it up. And then…there’s Yuuka. Oh, poor Yuuka… She looks angry, upset, pissed, sad all at the same time. She barely even looks like she’s breathing.. Just staring blankly at the monitor. You can seriously feel the ice that just froze her whole body.

Not only did this happen on their one year anniversary, but it’s undecided how many members will join and when. And ON TOP OF THAT, there will be a demotion. Demotion?? What the hell does that mean? No one friggin knows! Same yada yada… Auditions limited to middle and high school girls… interviews will be every weekend from the 4th to the 19th. Ugh. I just don’t want 18 members in S/mileage… Look where that has lead us!


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