No, I have not fallen off the edge of the earth.

HEY GUYS!!!!! Been a long time! :D Well. There is a reason for that. A better reason than my internet being cut off. And that reason is…. MY LAPTOP WAS BROKEN. Yes, broken. When I mean broken, I mean the shit didn’t even want to go to the sign in screen. I was so upset D: ‘Mind you, this is like at the beginning of February.

I tried bugging my dad for weeeeks. The same reply each time, “You need to wait until I get money. You need to wait until I get money.” He didn’t send it to Best Buy until like..the middle of May, and I got it back about one or two weeks later. 3;

So, within those 3 months, many a things have been happening in the H!P universe. But when I say many, I mean like… 500 + 1. Seriously, I’ve never been so behind D:

I’m very undecided on how to recap everything. xO I think I’ll just comment on the recent news in a different post. I just wanted to let you all know that Kio’s still here! Till the next post, ~Kio. <3


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