The Ultimate Profiling #1: AKB48

Here is the series that I’ve been planning for quite some time. The Ultimate Profiling will be a large article I post about a specific group or artist. They could be females or males, together or disbanded, j-pop or k-pop, whatever! I’m going to give you background information about them, give my opinion about them, elaborate on their members, and maybe talk about my favorite song by them. It’s going to be a lengthy read, so make sure to get yourself ready :] The first artist I’m going to talk about iiiiiiiissss….. AKB48!! Everyone knows who AKB is and they made headlines with their single, Beginner. Enjoy!

Artist: AKB48

Years Active: 2005 – present

Members: 48 members spread across 3 teams(A, K, B) of 16 members each

Label: King Records

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New Eggypies, Buono! Covers, & New MM + C-ute Single!

Here’s a quick update with some H!P stuffiez~

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The New Stuff.

Last on the list for my massive H!P catch-up is the new shizz that came out recently or is set to release.

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Auditions, huh?

In addition to my catching up, looks like there’s huge news about. Yup, you guessed it–audition time. Wait…again? And for who? Well, you probably already know and was most likely shocked–and possibly even mortified like myself. Let’s get down to business shall we?

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Okay… What have I missed?

… A lot, to answer my own question. I swear. I don’t think I’ve ever missed so much D’x

Well, to start out, I might as well begin with what I missed.


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No, I have not fallen off the edge of the earth.

HEY GUYS!!!!! Been a long time! :D Well. There is a reason for that. A better reason than my internet being cut off. And that reason is…. MY LAPTOP WAS BROKEN. Yes, broken. When I mean broken, I mean the shit didn’t even want to go to the sign in screen. I was so upset D: ‘Mind you, this is like at the beginning of February.

I tried bugging my dad for weeeeks. The same reply each time, “You need to wait until I get money. You need to wait until I get money.” He didn’t send it to Best Buy until like..the middle of May, and I got it back about one or two weeks later. 3;

So, within those 3 months, many a things have been happening in the H!P universe. But when I say many, I mean like… 500 + 1. Seriously, I’ve never been so behind D:

I’m very undecided on how to recap everything. xO I think I’ll just comment on the recent news in a different post. I just wanted to let you all know that Kio’s still here! Till the next post, ~Kio. <3