You fucked up already!?

So, one of my hopes was that nobody would graduate during 2011. The reason I said this was because most of the members that are in H!P today are solid members. I would assume that nobody would think popular members like Sayumi, Risako, or Airi to graduate. Another one of my hopes was that something would happen to one of my hated members. Already, 9 days into 2011, one hope has failed and one hope has succeeded.


It has been announced that Ai Takahashi, leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project, will graduate from Hello! Project as a whole.

Ai Takahashi seemed to have a discussion with Tsunku when the triple graduation was announced. Tsunku suggested that maybe it’d be a good idea that Takahashi started thinking about leaving as well. It’ll be 10 years since Takahashi joined Morning Musume–that’s a long time. In fact, it’s the longest time anyone has ever been in Morning Musume. And I have this bad feeling that if Takahashi goes, Risa will follow shortly after.

Tsunku’s statement on Hello!

This is the comment regarding Takahashi Ai’s graduation from Morning Musume

Thank you for your continual support as always.
As announced directly herself on the stage of January 9th’s show at Nakano Sunplaza,
5th generation member, Takahashi Ai will be graduating from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project in Morning Musume’s concert tour this fall.

When the proposal for Kamei Eri’s graduation was made last year,
I told Takahashi Ai, “It’s about time you should consider the timing of your own graduation and what you want to pursuit afterward” as an advice.

The 5th generation members will have joined Morning Musume for 10 years.
Takahashi Ai is the 6th leader and has been in this position for 3 years and 7 months.
Takahashi Ai holds the record for being the longest in the group and the longest to hold the leader position.
Looking back, she has honestly carried the responsibility for all this time.

(In no disrespect to all former members and leaders of the group…excuse me)

I have talked with her about various things, such as her activities afterward
As announced in the new year concert, her graduation will be in Morning Musume’s Autumn concert tour,
this was the right time to make the announcement.

Since there are still more than half a year to go,
the 9th generation members have to familiarize themselves with Morning Musume’s music
and dances, to become self aware that they are part of the group.
Takahashi plans to properly finish her job as leader in the mean time.

Please be looking forward to what will become of Morning Musume.

Takahashi Ai will continue to be active in music, theater, and live events after her graduation.
Details will gradually be released.

Also, after Takahashi Ai’s graduation, Niigaki Risa will assume the leader position of the group,
and become the longest active member of Morning Musume

Morning Musume Producer

Ai’s comment:

It has been decided that, I, Takahashi Ai, during Morning Musume’s concert tour this Autumn,
will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.
At the time when Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin’s graduations were decided,
Tsunku-san told me, “It’s about time Takahashi should think about your own graduation’s timing!”
which has gotten me thinking.

I will have been in Morning Musume for 10 years comes this August,
So I thought it will be a good time! to graduate in the Autumn Morning Musume concert tour.

As there are still around 9 months left, I will do my best as leader until that time to shape up this new Morning Musume.

I will be affectionate to the newly added 9th generation members as I try to teach them various things, everyone please rest assured.

So, I first saw this on The CIA and was like, “Naw, that can’t be true.” And after I checked other sites, I laughed. I’m sorry, but I can’t feel bad or upset. I’m not a Takahashi fan, and I’ve never kept this a secret. In fact, Takahashi has to be one of my least liked members ever. Like I said, it’s been quite some time since she’s been in Morning Musume and I believe that it’s one of those “It’s time” situations. Once she leaves, Risa will take over as leader and Sayumi will be sub-leader. I highly doubt that this lineup would last any longer than a year because I just cannot fathom Risa staying that long after her closest friend is gone. I think Sayumi only really cares about herself, so she’d stay in for as long as she wants. But the older members are definitely going to pluck off one by one and Morning Musume is going to start all over again.


Today was actually meant to be a Top! Series day, but jeez, this news had to be said NAO. I expect people to jump off buildings because of this. You know, just sayin’.


I just randomly wanted to say I beat Final Fantasy XIII last night and it was so emotional!! I’ve had the since my birthday, it broke, I got fixed and OH EM GEE, I FINISHED IT. Seriously, I cried for about 20 minutes straight. I was so proud<3 Well, till the next post, ~Kio.


One thought on “You fucked up already!?

  1. It’s really sad,beacause I really started to like Takahashi(I don’t know why,but I didn’t payed may attention to her),and then I heared THIS!!!:|
    I thought that Takahashi is going to lead for like……the whole life XD I just hard to think about MM without Ai-chan!!! but you know what is harder?Sayumi as the leader!!! when Risa graduates I allways thought that Reina is going to lead MM,she have awesome vocal abilities and is one of the 6th gen member’s like Sayu!:(
    well,good luck Ai!

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