[PBSpam! Part VII] No wonder you’re my number one.

Hello, hello, and welcome back to the awesomely overdue series that is PBSpam! Today we’ll be going through that srsly hawt girl’s latest PB. She’s part of Berryz and is greatly admired. Oh, and I love her to death. Who is she? You better fucking know.

Title: Risou

Girl: Risako Sugaya

PB #: 4th

Release Date: November 27th, 2009

That is one creepy looking house.

Are those extensions or was her hair just that long?

Ahh, so pretty~!!

Lolz, corn.

Uh oh! Looks like a storm is coming your way, Socko. Even the sky’s jealous that you’re so beautiful~

Um, camel toe, much? o:

Oh my god. This bikini looks terrible on her. Why did they put her in this!?? O:<

Prettyyy. She looks so asian, lol :’D

Oh, jeebus, no.

..Wha…what the hell is this? xD

Lighting is weird as hell and, UGH, THIS BIKINI NEEDS TO BE THROWN IN THE TRASH.

Aww, so cute~

You’re gonna get ticks standing in that grass.

Yay! A good bikini~ This one is really nice and her hair looks adorable.

N’aww~ Look at her cute little pouty face~ So cute!

Cute farmgirl Risako! This is so cute, AHHH~!

Love this picture.

Oooh, look, now she’s a sessy farmgirl C:

I loveeee this one. If you didn’t notice, this picture is the blog picture on the address bar :3

These are beautifuuuuul. Some of my favorite in the PB.

…What is she wearing?? Omg, she looks like a gigantic strawberry. NOOO.

What’s up with the lighting?… Just plain bad D:

This swimsuit is extra cool, and I love this picture.

She looks Korean here, hehe. Beautiful<3

Korean Risako again! Pweeettyyy.

I absolutely adore this outfit. It is so fudging cool.

Tiny kitchen or giant Socko?

Beautiful piccy

Last couple pages of the book.

Overall: I love, love, love Socko so much! AHHH! This is seriously one of my favorite PBs ever. The clothes really caught my interest. Everything is very vintage and old school. There’s only a few shots that were really disappointing. Those black bikini photos and that huge red dress. Risako is so damn gorgeous, though. Going on to seventeen this year–she’s growing up! Love this photobook so much and I love me some Sockooooo.


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