2011: Hopes, Predictions, & Fears

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, wherever it may be. A list of hopes, predictions, & fears for the upcoming year. Of course, mine is based on Hello! Project. So, here we go: my hopes, fears, and predictions for H!P 2011!!


+C-ute continues to decline: Seriously. You should all know that I serious dislike C-ute now(with the exception of Saki & Chisato in there). I really, really hope they just fall off the planet. I know I’m super selfish for wanting this, but come on, they haven’t been all that great lately, anyway.

+Morning Musume can find a way to gain more fans: Face it, the only people MM are actually appealing to, are people that are already fans. All their events, etc = fans only. They need to make some attempt to reach out to people that aren’t fans. I’m not exactly sure how, but there has to be some sort of way.

+Berryz stop all their Inazuma Eleven promotion: All this promotion is killing the damn group. 2010 was their worst selling year ever. How can you sell less than 100,000 copies of ALL your releases combined in one year? Stop with all the promoting to one stupid anime that gets like 11 views an episode, please.

+S/mileage continue to do well in sales & promotion: Admit it, S/mileage is the best new group to happen to H!P since Buono!. They’re all cute, they all have pretty decent voices, and their music is catchy. And they’ve proved they’re doing well by winning best newcomer in the Japan Music Awards. S/mileage, keep it up!

+Buono!’s comeback is big: Everyone’s been a bit starved without Buono!. I really and truly hope that their comeback gets fans hype!

+Tsunku continues to rotate centers on Berryz’ singles: I’m not saying for every single they have until they disband, but if Saki was the lead for the next, I wouldn’t be complaining.

+No one graduates during the year 2011: I don’t think a year has ever passed, since I became an H!P fan, that someone hasn’t graduated. And the next graduation is more traumatic than the last. Kanna, Erika, Koharu, then the triple graduation. I mean…if anyone else leaves this year…I just know that it’s bound to be one of my favorites. I won’t be able to handle it..

+Frances & Aiko stops, pl0x!: Random, I know–since no one really cares about them, regardless. But honestly, can somebody end this group for real and put them back in preschool? Thanks in advance.

+Ice Creamusume possibly comes back?: I honestly kind of liked this group. I liked the Chinese songs and hearing “LOVE REVOLUTION 21” instead of “RABU REBORUSHUN TUUENTII WAN.” They were like a breath of fresh air, and I was looking forward to get to know the members. Now that everything that officially has to do with them has been deleted off the internet, it’s hard to say if they’re even a group anymore…

+A little somethin’, somethin’ happens: And by a little somethin’, somethin’, I mean me strategically tripping someone I hate and accidentally placing a bucket of acid where they fall… A girl can dream.


*C-ute keeps on with the whole “mature” shit: There’s no way in hell that they’re going to go back to the hyper-active C-ute that I actually liked. With the girls growing up, and the oldest set to be 19 in about a month, there’s just no way. But seriously, it sounds ridiculous to come off as “cool and mature” and be called C-ute. I hope it contributes to their downfall.

*At least one more group is formed: Whether it’s for an anime or something stupid like that, a new group is bound to be formed. I hope for it to be another official group with some H!P Teens. Chisato & NakaSaki preferably being two of the group.

*Tsunku does some more stupid ass shit (similar to Muten Musume): It’s almost inevitable for it to happen, right? I don’t know, I just have this feeling that he’s gonna do something stupid like that again…but it’s gonna be 10 times stupider.

*Some sort of scandal: I don’t think there’s been an official, big scandal since Miyabi’s in like, 2007. Last year, it was Sayumi, Reina, & Eri making chinky eyes–which was considered racist by the Chinese & Koreans. This year, I think something bigger will pop off. I don’t know what it will be, but it’s gonna be something…

*Some weird ass promotion: Muten Musume promoted sushi chains, right? How about if that inevitable, stupid “group” promotes like…lotion? Watch, it’s gonna happen! And we’re all gonna be like “Lolwtf?”

*Ongaku Gatas either disbands officially, or releases another single: They released a single last year, right? But the group has been basically dead and isn’t that popular anyway. Even though they have fan favorites of Yossie and KonKon, their music isn’t what the crowd wants. They’re like down to 5 members now(er, somethin’), and if Tsunku plans to put some time into the group, it’s gotta be catchier to the audience.

*Kikkawa becomes the next best soloist: Yuu’s got the voice, the face, and the talent to definitely pull it off. At first, I was a bit iffy on how I felt about her becoming a soloist, but now, I’m cheering for her. I’m not gonna be all up her ass–I was never a fan like that anyway–but I cannot wait until she overuns Plastic Hair and her whack ass.

*Jang Da Yun does something!?!?: Like, where the hell has she been? Did Tsunku like, stick her under a rock!? I know she’s been in the new H!P concert, but only as a back-up dancer. I want to know what Tsunku’s going to do with her and where she’s going to be. I want to see the bitch in action. LIKE COME ON!


A Berryz member graduates: I think I would die if this were to happen. Berryz being my favorite group ever, with my favorite girls ever… It’d hurt 500x worse than the triple graduation. I can’t even think about how upset and depressed I would be…

Tsunku adds more members to Berryz or C-ute: If he adds more members to Berryz, I’d be like wtf and probably start a protest. There’s no way you’re touching my favorite group. If he adds members to C-ute, then there’s a big chance their popularity will increase, and I don’t want that!!

The age gaps in Morning Musume messes up the group’s image: The group, for the past 2 years, has been mature and honest. Sure, the love songs are kind of overbearing, but that’s gonna happen regardless. I feel as though with two 12 year olds and a 13 year old, how the hell are you going to sing about the shit you do now? What 12 year old is going to sing Kimagure Princess and make the audience(the non-pedo audience) believe her?

Someone from 9 Gen pisses me off: I really, really, really, really don’t want this to happen. But I’m already starting to feel this way towards Riho–I’m trying my best to like her, though… If I don’t like all of 9th gen, then I’m kind of cancelling out myself from the whole “MM’s-new-generation-will-be-awesome” group.

Berryz can’t bounce back: This will be utterly depressing if they can’t do better in ’11. But Heroine ni Narou ka! is sounding great so far so…maybe we’re starting on the right foot?

S/mileage’s music turns stale & generic: Shortcut sounds exactly like what its titled and is too bland in my opinion. Hopefully this will be the only A-side that ever turns out like this…

Buono! fades away: WHAT. When this day comes, it shows the apocalypse is nearing. Buono! better stay straight and keep on doing what they’re known to do–and that’s to kick ass!

Okay, I’m done, lol. Let’s(by let’s, I mean me) hope that the hopes come true and the fears don’t. Next year we’ll check back to see what happened and what didn’t. Let’s hope for 2011 to be better than ’10~!


4 thoughts on “2011: Hopes, Predictions, & Fears

  1. I really like what you wrote, although, now that we are in April, we start to see a few things going on with Hello Project. Takahashi Ai is graduating this year, so I guess that’s one hope that did not come true. :'( Also, Tsunku did come up with a group 10x’s worse than Muten Musume. It’s called Dreamy Morning Musume and they promoted afternoon coffee. You really got this one right. It is a group of 10 ex Morning Musume members, and I really believe it’s just a way for Hello Project to regain popularity since they are really not all that in Japan anymore.

    • It’s true that Dream Morning Musume was a dumb idea. I think a better idea would be like..the old school members showing up at a concert or something and singing a song. But that group was only for money and popularity they don’t have anymore :\

  2. Your kind of a dick about your blog and that’s why you have no views. Just cause c-ute is doing better then berryz you don’t have to bash them. Berryz sucks now and there’s nothing you can do. C-ute gets lots of views and has more and more fans everyday . Cause their music is good and people like the new mature c-ute . Look at their sells and views compared to berryz and if you want a nice blog try not bashing everything. You some like a winney bias asshole. Have a good day and lonely blog.

    • First off, I’m pretty sure I have like…over 20,000 views. I mean, it’s not a billion but it certainly isn’t ‘no views.’ Look, it’s right there, on the side. Not lying to you, sweetcheeks. And yeah, I was pretty biased towards my Berryz. But hey, they’re my favorite group of all time; I’m allowed to be biased ;] I actually like some of the newer C-ute stuff, but not better than the newer BK stuff. I was pretty much pissed about C-ute losing 2 of my favorite members, so just get over it. This was written like what, ten months ago? Feelings change. Plus, I don’t bash, most of the time ;]

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