Snow Day, News Day~

Today was a snow day even though there’s only 6 inches of snow outside. Shows how lazy the employees are and can’t spend an hour or two clearing the streets. Oh well, that’s fine and dandy for you and I; I can finally put up a much needed news post. I’m pretty late with most of the things because last week was a I’ve-got-to-get-this-project-done week. But anyway, let’s get this started.

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You fucked up already!?

So, one of my hopes was that nobody would graduate during 2011. The reason I said this was because most of the members that are in H!P today are solid members. I would assume that nobody would think popular members like Sayumi, Risako, or Airi to graduate. Another one of my hopes was that something would happen to one of my hated members. Already, 9 days into 2011, one hope has failed and one hope has succeeded.


It has been announced that Ai Takahashi, leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project, will graduate from Hello! Project as a whole.

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2011: Hopes, Predictions, & Fears

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, wherever it may be. A list of hopes, predictions, & fears for the upcoming year. Of course, mine is based on Hello! Project. So, here we go: my hopes, fears, and predictions for H!P 2011!!

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