ManoEri Covers, S/mileage Preview, Berry Superheroes, & 9ki MoMusu Finalists

Here’s a quick update for the upcoming Hello! Pro releases and finally the finalists of Morning Musume’s 9th gen! I’m far from excited for all of this to be honest, though…


Above are the covers to Erina Mano’s upcoming single, Seishun no Serenade–hover your mouse to see which is which. The release date is January 26th. Yay, another set of covers that don’t look exactly the same. Limited B’s my personal favorite.

That is the full radio rip of S/mileage’s 4th major single, Shortcut, set to release January 26th. I’m not too happy with it, making it the first major S/mileage song I dislike. It’s sounds a bit generic. It’s trying to be fun and upbeat but fails miserably. I was hoping for something a bit edgier.

Berryz Koubou’s 25th single has been announced! It’s entitled Heroine ni Narou ka!, which translates to Become a Heroine!. It’s release date has been announced for March 2nd, 2011. It’s going to release in four versions, Regular, Limited A, Limited B, and Limited C. Hopefully this is single is way better than Shining Power; I’ll pray for it. 2010 was Berryz lowest selling year ever in their 6+ year history. Disappointing. Let’s hope for the best in 2011.

On Bijo Gaku, the 5 finalists of the Morning Musume 9 gen auditions were confirmed. Above are the pictures of Erina Ikuta (13), Riho Sayashi (12), Kanon Suzuki (12), Aina Otsuka (12), and Minami Mogi (11). To start off, I was EXTREMELY surprised to see how young all these girls were. NONE of them look that young. I honestly thought the numbers meant what grade they’re in–then I remembered there’s no such thing as grade 13… Either way, I wasn’t expecting little girls like this. MoMusu, now, has 17-24 year old members; please tell me how awkward it’s going to be for an 11 year old to perform and sing a song like Kimagure Princess. It’s just weird. I honestly wonder how many girls Tsunku’s going to put in Morning Musume. The less he puts in, the worse MoMusu is going to be, IMO.

The first half of the special is the girls introducing themselves, parts of their audition, voice training, and dance lesssons. In Erina’s audition, I thought she was pretty weak, vocal-wise; but she’s still young. Riho’s audition kind of scared me; she dances so violently LMFAO. But it shows that she’ll learn the choreography easy. Idk what the hell Kanon was doing. A skit, maybe? LOL. Minami is irritating me already. If you’re singing, and you know you’re messing up, just keep going. Don’t just stop and get upset, they’re gonna be like “Wtf..” Aina’s voice is the best so far. It’s higher-pitched but it’s stable and she never seems to crack or go off-pitch. Next is part of the voice training and dance lessons. I’m really starting to like Kanon and Aina at this point. Kanon seems to have flavor and Aina, although she’s scary-looking, is very determined and focused. The dance instructor seems very freaky. And she pisses me off some cause she thinks she’s hawt shit–just no. So as expected, Riho gets the choreography down-packed. Aina and Kanon seem to struggle a teeny bit but are trying hard. I don’t even fucking see Erina dance, unless I’m getting her and Riho mixed up–they look like damn twins. And yet again, more Minami annoyance. The end of this part is the voice training. Aina and Riho don’t seem to have trouble. Erina works on her pitches and does this video show Kanon singing at all? Grr, there goes the waterworks with Minami. LIKE WTF, CAN YOU STOP CRYING? KTHXBAI.

Second half starts out with Mogi dancing and YOKO lecturing her. “Little girl, if you want to join Morning Musume, you better man the hell up, punk ass bitch.” … Well, that might not be exactly what she said, but I know she was thinking it. Minami continues crying, “OKAACHANNNN!! DOU SUREBA II!?!?!” … Again, not exact, but close. So then Tsunku pops up and…makes them…laugh? What is this?? What a sick, sick man… Oh, then he makes them cry.. LOL, look at the look of pure bliss on his face. “I MADE DA KIDDIES CRY HEHEHEHE.” Next, the dance begins. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well all of them did, even Minami. Then, the singing began. I also would like to add that Aina’s outfit is HELLA NICE. Tsunku’s all, “GENKI GENKI,” then randomly adds, “GENKI PAWAA.” I was just like, wtf? LOL. So Aina sounded pretty good, just a bit flat on the extended notes. Erina was really shaky, like she was afraid to project her voice any louder. Riho was really good, her pitches were near perfect. Kanon was so jumpy, lmfao. I was on the verge of laughing. xD Minami…err…wtf was up with your mouth, girl? She looked like she was about to fart and crap on herself. Lastly, Tsunku talks some shit and we figure out the members that will be in 9th gen will be announced on January 2nd. If he doesn’t pick at least 3, hopefully he’ll put some eggs in MoMusu, too. Like I said, the more the members, the better.


One thought on “ManoEri Covers, S/mileage Preview, Berry Superheroes, & 9ki MoMusu Finalists

  1. Eh, I would agree that such a large age gap would be awkward. But I beleive Tsuji and Aibon were 12 years old when they joined… so…

    Also, Tsunku looks like some srsbsns.

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