The Real End to an MM era

Last night was the final day of Morning Musume’s 2010 Fall Concert Tour: ~Rival Survival~. It was also the last day we would see Eri, Jun Jun, and Linlin performing on an MM stage. The three girls each got a bouquet of flowers from the rest of the members, said goodbye in reverse seniority order, and sang a solo song. I have yet to see any of the concert…I’m afraid.

The concert was opened by S/mileage with their debut single a-side, Yume Miru 15sai. The setlist went on normally, and after the encore song of Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, the graduation ceremony began. Everyone cried their way through their messages to the three girls.

From what is shown above, hundreds of fans were there to support their girl. I see plenty of orange, which is Kamei’s color; dark blue for Jun Jun; light blue for Linlin. Plus that guy in a white button up. He’s pretty lame.


 Kamei… I think I’m taking your graduation the hardest. I like you the most and it’s like a smack in the face seeing you leave after knowing you for only 3 years. I’m still curious why you waited so long to cure this “illness” you have. Why couldn’t you have left before I got into Morning Musume? So I wouldn’t have to feel so attached to you. I’m going to miss you so much in the backstage videos, TV shows, and PVs. I thought it was weird without Koharu? Tch. It’s gonna be worse without Eri. Get better soon, Kame…

My feelings for Jun Jun have changed over the passed year or so. She’s no longer one of the members I look forward to seeing. She has a great personality, she’s cute, and a sweetheart but I don’t have that soft spot for her anymore. I don’t hate her, but I don’t love her. I’m probably the least worried about her… But she’s still being kicked out. It must be a hard thing to go through; just as you’re really settling down with your group, poof, off you go. Junny, don’t change for anyone. You’re fantastic the way you are.

Linlin…aw Linlin… The most underrated talent in Morning Musume. Her voice was…phenomenal. I loved listening to Lin, she was just great. Linlin, you’re funny, you’re witty, you’re goofy, I don’t want you to change either. No matter your fancount, you are still amazing. I have this huge soft spot for you. I want you to succeed in anything you do. Anyone is lucky to have you and show H!P wrong! Show them that it was a huge mistake letting you slip away. Promise me you’ll keep singing  in China?

I find it so unbelievably hard to believe that within the year and a half I’ve had this blog running, I’ve had to write about 6 graduations… SIX. That is a ridiculously high number. So, within the last year and a half, H!P has seen 6 graduates. Man, it’s just hard… But..this is was MoMusu is: the constant reshuffling and rearranging. It’s easier to hear about it and just naturally know about it; but living through it is an entirely different experience. I’m scared for the future. All of our favorites are going to leave soon enough, and none of us are going to be prepared for it.

Hello! Project’s website already updated the artist picture for Morning Musume. A member count of 5…a number they haven’t seen since their debut. It’s sad and, frankly, gross to look at. This is the Morning Musume we see until 9ki have their knack at it.

My last farewells and good luck to Eri,, Jun Jun, and Linlin. I hope your future is even brighter than your past. Don’t change for anyone. Love, care, & be free. Love, your fan, ~Kio.

Footage of Tsunku and his staff making little girls cry. Damn you, H!P.


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