Koharu Kusumi Anniversary

So it’s been a year since we last saw Koharu in Morning Musume. I made a nice OPV as a tribute to her.

You should know that her graduation was the end of the most stable lineup within Morning Musume since its debut. Koharu was best known for her upbeat, energetic personality with a high-pitched voice to match. Even though she didn’t quite catch the hang of MoMusu’s mature sound until her last single Kimagure Princess, Koha brought a lot of personality to the group. She may have been annoying and irritating to a lot of people(she was to me, too), you can’t say she was boring. She actually made me miss her and it’s strange to watch a MM PV and not see her. But I support Koharu with her modeling path; I’m sure she’ll do fantastic.

Much love, Koha. From, ~Kio.

I’ll leave you guys with a video of the potential Morning Musume 9ki members.


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