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So I was just randomly surfing the interwebs and typed in “Hello! Project Chart” on Google. I then came across this post in JPHiP. It’s basically about a super techie geek who likes to divide and multiply. In this gigantic thread, he takes the information in this large H!P chart to figure out who is closer and/or more compatible with the younger kids of Hello! Pro. Since I liked the questions the girls were asked, I wanted to fill them out myself! Here goes~

Q1. Group you’d make and who would be in it:
Hmm, I’d most likely make a group with mainly younger members so we could all laugh at stupid stuff and be able relate to each other. I’m not sure what I’d name ourselves, but I would have these girls in it:

Saki Shimizu: Leader, awesome dancer, & mature one. Saki would be our leader, since she’s the oldest. She’d be the wise one that would give us advice if we needed it. She’d also keep us focused on our job. But besides being the great leader, she’s an amazing dancer!

Maasa Sudou: Funny, cool, & focused. I would be able to laugh with and laugh at Maasa. She’s hilarious and extra cool. But when something needs to be done, she gets it done.

Miyabi Natsuyaki: Great vocals, sweet, & goofy. I think I would get along with Miyabi a lot. She’s fashionable and has a goofy personality. She seems like the girl that would give gifts and compliment you often. And she has beautiful vocal ability.

Risako Sugaya: Quiet, laid-back, & fun. I think it would be hard trying to become Risako’s best friend. Her personality is similar to mine; we’re laid-back and quiet but fun when we want to be. And in that case, we don’t necessarily let people in easily and are more open to listen & give advice. I think I’d be nervous around her, too. XD

Saki Ogawa: Upbeat, kind, & light-hearted. Sakichi would add more youth to the group. Being closest to my age, we might also get along the best. She seems playful and happy, but not overboard where it irritates you. She’d most likely be the first one to notice if you are down. I’d love to have her in my group!

Q2-1. Admired singing/voice:
I adore a lot of girls’ singing voices in H!P. But I think I love Chisato’s the most. She’s extremely talented and it’s sad to see that she’s overlooked. Thank god we get to hear her in Aitai & Dance de Bakoon. People seemed to be quite Shock’d! ;]

Q2-2. Admired dancing:
Captain, DUH! That’s a no-brainer. EVERYONE knows Sakitan is the best dancer in all of H!P. She’s just amazing.

Q2-3. Admired talking:
Talking? Hmm, I’d say Momo. Seriously, the things she says are so hilarious. And most of the time, she’ll be spitting out words at 90mph!

Q2-4. Admired character:
Personality, right? I love Eri’s personality. She’s quirky and funny. But also has a subtle and sweet side to her. I don’t think anyone would be bored being with her. She’s a lovely gal.

Q2-5. Admired looks:
Risako, of course.  I don’t wish I looked like her but I think she’s gorgeous. No matter if people call her fat, call her a whore, call her bitchy, she’s still beautiful. And it’s sad to know people say that about her when she looks like she has the least self-confidence in the group.

Q2-6. Admired fashion:
Miyabi & Reina, fer sher. They both have closets I would LOVE to raid. Reina’s very edgy and punky, while Miyabi’s girly and sweet. Styles I definitely wear.

Q3. Only I know that __ is actually like __!:
Er, I don’t know any members personally so I wouldn’t know any secrets LOL. I wish.

Q4. Would like as a big sister:
I’d want Eri to be my older sister. She’d do anything for me.

Q5. Would like as a little sister:
Only one member is younger than me(LOL), but I would like Chinami as a younger sister. She seems like she’d ask me for advice, and I’d be able to give it to her. And I’d love to take care of her!

Q6. Would be a good mother:
I think Yurina would be. Idk why, she just has that motherly, nuturing vibe about her. She’d love her kid no matter what.

Q7. Would like as a pet:
Nakky. She’d be the greatest dog ever.

Q8. Would like to form a comedy team with:
Maasa, DEFINITELY. We’d be HELLA funny.

Q9. Would like as a girlfriend if you were a guy:
Jun Jun. I think she’d be the ultimate girlfriend. Adorable, lovable, sweet. Kawaii, kawaii, kawaiiiiiiiii.

Q10. Would like as a boyfriend if they were a guy:

Eri!! Cause she’d make one hot guy.

Look at that, looks like I picked Eri the most: 3 questions. Depressing that she’s leaving in a short while… :\ Well there you have it! Check out the JPHiP post to see the statistics and check the chart to see who chose who!


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