Morning Musume – 10 MY ME Review

With MoMusu’s 11th album released, I’ve got to get crackin’ on reviewing their other one! Here is my review of Morning Musume’s 10th album, 10 MY ME, released on March 17th, 2010. My favorite songs are bolded.

01. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~

This song is so different and interesting. It’s a great opener.  Whatever you want to describe it as, it works. It’s very trance-like and dancey. Of course, the main four that get lines are Ai, Reina, Risa, & Eri–but at least we get to hear Eri and Risa~! It’s a very fun song and I find it hard not to love it. According to my iTunes, it’s the most listened song on this album :D

02. Kimagure Princess

*sigh* The last song of Kohapink. Even though I hate the way they chimpmunk’d their voices, it’s a fierce song. I started to warm up to it after a short while. The lyrics and dance are suggestive, but it shows the mature side of Morning Musume, right? I like its Indian style and flavor. It’s a very danceable song.

03. Genki Pika Pika!

At first, I kind of resented this song. It was too poppy and annoying in my opinion. But after watching the Pika Pika concert, I found this song getting stuck in my head a lot. Now I actually really like it. It may sound cheesy, but it shows a type of unity of Morning Musume; I don’t know what it is. It’s happy and energetic; a song that would be so much fun to perform.

04. Namidacchi

It feels like an ordinary slow song at first, but then it gets interesting. The verses basically build up to something better. The chorus is very hype and exciting. And of course, my favorite part is the rap right after the second chorus. How could you not like it? It sounds like the song is pouring out all of its feelings at this part. The song ends with two more choruses. It’s a really gorgeous and inspirational song.

05. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

One of my favorite MM songs of all time. I don’t understand why a lot of people don’t like this song. Its rock-ish pop theme attracts me a lot. In my opinion, this song has so much power and strength to it. It kind of makes you wanna get up and do something bold. The four leads–Ai, Reina, Risa, & Eri–dominate this song, but I feel like it belongs to all of Morning Musume. Be yourself and don’t be afraid.

06. Ookii Hitomi [Eri Kamei, Sayumi Michishige, & Reina Tanaka]

An instant fan-favorite, everyone was coocoo for this song when it was leaked. I can see where they’re coming from. It has a catchy tune and trance-like beat to it. It’s not uber boring and it actually keeps you listening for more. Not only do you have the 2 better singers of MM, but you have Sayumi autotuned so much, you can barely hear her! That’s like bliss to any ears.

07. Ano Hi ni Modoritai [Ai Takahashi & Risa Niigaki]

The 5 gen song was not a loved one by fans. I can’t really tell why everyone dubbed it “the boring song out of the album.” Yes, it’s a bit slow and doesn’t have in-your-face parts. But I, personally, don’t think that’s a reason to hate the song. Both, Ai & Risa’s vocals are very enjoyable in this one. It’s one of those sit-back-and-relax songs, and I like it.

08. Nanchatte Renai

Of course I love this song! It’s way too catchy and soothing. Most of the girls got a part and the rapping was awesome! My love for this song was expressed in an MM Top! post. ;]

09. Osaka Umainen [Jun Jun, Linlin, & Aika Mitsui]

Normally, I like vintage-sounding songs. But this one has to much poppy annoying-ness for me to like it. It’s not a totally bad song, like to the point where if it’s in my shuffle, I won’t listen. But it’s not really one of the best songs in this album.

10. Loving you forever

Sadly, this song bores me. I can’t really listen to it and enjoy it. The only part I kind of like is the chorus. It’s also pretty nice that everyone gets lines in this song. And it’s not like a word or two, it’s actual verses. Yay~

11. Shouganai Yume Oibito

One amazing Morning Musume ballad. Expressed my love in an MM Top! post, also ;]

12. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aishite Aisenai darou? (Chinese Ver) [Jun Jun & Linlin]

Aw, man, everybody’s been officially waiting for this. Love it, love it, love it. I’ve always thought the Chinese language was really beautiful. It’s cute but sounds sophisticated, somehow. And WOW, they both just sound so pretty. Gawd, Lin, your voice is so amazing. Why the fuck are they kicking you two out!!??


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