Top! Series – Favorite Korean Artists [Part X]

Sorry guys, no PBSpam! this weekend. Yesterday was hella hectic and I had no time to finish and post it up. I’ll try my best to get it up this Saturday 3: And with that, I bring you week 10 of Top! Series: Favorite Korean Artists. Btw, first Kpop post! ;D

05. Epik High

Epik High was basically the very first Korean artist I listened to back in 2006/2007 with their song Love Love Love. I was farrrr from unimpressed. I loved the song so damn much. And their rapping skills amazed me beyond belief. It’s hard for me to find a song I don’t like from them. All of their songs are hella catchy. The guys all have just purely hilarious personalities. With serious music videos like One, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same people in High Technology. Tablo has the ugly faces, Mithra is the goofy teddy bear, and Tukutz is the awkward, “Where-the-fuck-am-I?” one. This group made me love K-rappers in general. It’s hard not to have an ounce of love for these guys.

04. Brown Eyed Girls

BEG was the first K-girl group I’d ever listened to. Their song L.O.V.E. had me hooked. I’m not even sure how I came across the song in the first place, but I’m glad I did. I loved their retro but edgy style. They were interesting and had their own flare. I immediately fell in love with Miryo. Her rapping…oh my god, her rapping was–and still is–phenomonal~ She’s so pro and definitely the best female rapper I’ve ever heard. Most people might have discovered them from Abracadabra, which sort of bothers me. Sure they’re trying to attract more fans by fitting into SK’s image, but your real fans are gonna love you by your individuality. That’s how I felt about their transformation. Yes, Abracadabra is a catchy song, and the MV is really interesting, but I’d like BEG to keep their retro ways.

03. 2NE1

All haters of this group seriously need to crawl right back under that rock they came out of and never talk again. 2NE1 are popular because they’re different, have style, and keep things fresh. If you can’t handle that, GO THE FUCK AWAY. The girls are fierce. There’s almost no other way to put it. They’ll make you stare, watch, and love it. I’ve adored them since their debut single, Fire. I was just like, “..Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who exactly are these girls?” Then when I Don’t Care was announced as a “more feminine song,” I was worried they’d catch SNSD fever. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I loved IDC even more. Minzy is definitely my favorite; she’s a young, fiesty chick that can dance her ass off. CL is a close second; she’s an awesome rapper with a cool and slick attitude. Bom has the fantastic vocals, but she can be a bit stiff. Dara is a beautiful girl, not the best vocals, but she’s been catching 2NE1’s drift lately. I don’t think I would love them any other way.

02. After School

They may have too many members for my liking, but they just scream sexy. Their member switching is modeled after Morning Musume and their hott dancing & outfits are influenced by the Pussycat Dolls. These girls are great at what they do. All of them are very talented singers and all dance with the rhythm they’re meant to have. I’ve been with them since last summer, and they’ve kept me pretty damn happy since then. The only thing that is a downfall for this group is their number. Having a big group like this, yes, brings a lot of personality, but it lacks giving the girls equal amounts of shine. When you have a smaller group, you can be like “Yeah, she’s the best singer, she’s the best dancer, she’s the best rapper, etc,” but with huge groups, you’re like, “Yeah, she can sing, she can dance, that one…err…I don’t even know who she is.” UEE, somehow, seems to be “the face” of the group–even though she’s like a cyborg and has creepy eyes(MAYU WATANABE ALERT!!). I’m seriously in love with Bekha. No joke, I would bang her any day, anywhere, any way.

01. Wonder Girls

My first true Kpop love. They are the definition of individuality. I love ’em, I love ’em, I love ’em. Even though their style changed from their debut to the present, they’ve stayed true to the disco theme. I’m happy that they expanded their music and promotional work to America. I wish they would come near my area so I could see them live. Even though I disapprove of the Jonas Brothers collaboration, it brought them where they are now. Now that Sun Mi is gone, the group feels like “The four originals plus that replacement.” It’s sad but, I can’t help but feel like that when Sun Mi was my second fav. There’s nothing wrong with Lim. And it was mean that people were already saying rude things once they saw her picture. C’mon, don’t be so hard on the new girl. Sure, she has scary eyes, but let her prove herself. Either way, I love WG, and I’ll support them no matter what. Oh and a random note: For whatever reason, anytime I see ‘WG’ I think ‘WeeGee’–don’t ask why, just know that if I ever say ‘WeeGee’, I mean Wonder Girls LOL.


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