Upcoming Shizznit

So some new releases and whatnot have been announced in the H!P universe. One in particular that I’m REALLY excited about 8D Hold your horses, one bumpy ride ahead~

Morning Musume’s upcoming album, Fantasy! Juuichi, is going to release this Wednesday, December 1st. I posted the tracklisting earlier, but the tracks weren’t in the right order. The tracklisting is correct below:

1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (Album Ver.)
2. Bravo!
3. Fantasy ga Hajimaru
4. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara
5. Ai no Honoo
6. I’m Lucky girl
7. Sungoi My Birthday
8. Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii
9. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni
10. Denwa de ne
11. Seishun Collection

Note: I failed miserably at trying to translating them, sorry. xD

Above is the cover for Chisato’s 1st PB, respectively entitled Chisato. It’s release date was pushed back from December 22nd to December 24th. Her solo DVD will be called Chissaa–below is the preview.

Plastic Hair’s 9th single was announced today. It’s currently untitled and set to release January 26th, 2011. Seems so far away..

Above are the covers to S/mileage’s upcoming album, Warugakii (1). It’s going to release on December 8th. There’s a new set of pictures of them but..I’m too lazy to upload them xD Gomen. Below is the tracklisting:

1. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama
2. Odorou yo
3. Onna Bakari no Nichiyoubi
4. Yume Miru 15sai
5. Shooting Star
6. ○○ Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende!!
7. Suki-chan
8. Gakkyuu Iinchou
9. Shikkari Shite yo! Mou
10. Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!!
11. Asu Wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai
12. aMa no Jaku

Note: H!P’s lack of creativity just oozes from those covers. At least make something that sounds as cool as the title, please?

S/mileage’s 4th major single has also been announced for February 9th, 2011. Winter concert tour, anyone?

So if you didn’t already know, Yurina Kumai will be the first H!P kid to release an Alo! Hello PB. Its title is KumaSpo!(lit. Kuma Sport!), and releasing on December 17th.

If you’re really gay, you haven’t heard that our awesome, fierce-ass-bitch Captain will be getting HER FIRST FUCKING PHOTOBOOK AND DVD. No worries, it only took 6 years.  If anyone deserves a damn PB, it’s Captain(YES, EVEN MORE THAN CHISATO). C’mon. She’s the last Berry to get a PB and she’s the leader!?!? DA FUCK? But it’s okay. We’re gonna see our hot cutie in a bikini. Btw, it’s set to release January 12th, 2011.

If you don’t follow the gleaming beams of light that are Erika and Kanna…GTFO MY BLOG(nah, jk, ily<3 syke). KanKan and Ume-san both opened their own official Twitter accounts. They even Tweet each other! They’re such a cute couple<33

Kanna’s PB and solo DVD has been announced for a January release date.

Okay, that’s done 8D I hope everyone(aka Americans) had a good Thanksgiving ^ ^ Gain 15 pounds? I’m pretty sure I did ;___; *starts doing crunches* I felt like I had something else to put here, and I forgot what it was. <__< Whatever, till next time ~Kio.


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