Top! Series – Favorite H!P Kids [Part IX]

Hello everyone and welcome back to Part 9 of  Top Series! Today, I will be explaining my Favorite Hello! Project Kids of all time. I hope you enjoy~! ^ ^

10. Saki Ogawa

Sakichiiii~!<3 Her birthday just passed a few days ago and I’ve been meaning to do some graphics, hehe. Anyway, Saki is the youngest and easily has the best voice in S/mileage. She’s been a H!P Egg for a long 6 years and it’s great that she caught a break and was selected for S/mileage! Not only do I love her for being the youngest(and my age<3), but I love her personality. Saki’s got this cute quirkiness about her and it fits in with S/mileage’s image. I seriously love her<3

09. Ayaka Wada

Dawa-chan was my favorite H!P Egg back in those times, now she’s my fav Sumaireji! She is definitely an awkward beauty. And I think if it were up to her, she wouldn’t be the leader of S/mileage. She looks so uncomfortable in her own skin! You can tell she’s not one of those idols that dive into their fame easily. No worries, Dawa-chan! You’ll get the hang of everything soon enough…even if it’s been over a year xD

08. Maasa Sudou

GOD. Everything about this girl just SCREAMS cool. Maasa-sa is soo pretty and talented, you can tell she’s one of those members that loves what she does. I feel as though, even though she’s always in the back, she makes the back look cool. But thankfully, Tsunku has been changing that cycle a bit and she’s been getting more and more parts each single. Maasa seems like she would be a loyal best friend. Her joker personality is something I’d click with easily.

07. Saki Nakajima

NakaSaki is such an angel!<3 She can be so many styles: sexy, cute, elegant–they all work for her! She’s not the best singer, and still needs a tad more work, but she’s not awful. I was so excited when it was announced that she got a photobook(even though I still can’t find it anywhere xD). In the future, when she leaves H!P, I hope she becomes a model or something, cuz she can be great eyecandy like Koharu.

06. Chisato Okai

Chisa has evolved and become such a beautiful young lady, it’s hard to believe that shroom-headed, dark skinned girl was her. She’s always been the goofy, adorable little girl that we see her as today. And WOW, the girl has lungs, man! She can sing, no matter what anybody says, she.can.sing! I really need to download a C-ute concert or something because I wanna see this fireball on stage! In the meantime, I cannot wait for her PB!

05. Kanna Arihara

That girl that screams “MASSARA BURUU JIINZU!” in C-ute’s first PV :] Man, isn’t she adorable hawt? No sir, you cannot call Kanna adorable anymore. Kanna is another perfect example of an H!P evolution. She went from this girl that I couldn’t stand looking at, to this girl that I had to look at. She could sing, she could dance, she had it all. Until that horrid day where she was gone for good. I’m so happy with anything Kanna does and nothing but the best to her<33

04. Erika Umeda

Ume-san was my favorite C-ute member, and you know what, still is. I was really upset when I heard she’d be leaving. But serves H!P right for letting a great talent leave them like that. No matter what, she was always in the back, and never really looked like she was happy for being there. She may be reserved, and lanky but she has feelings, you know. I support you as well, Umeda-san<3 Good luck in your modelling career :]

03. Momoko Tsugunaga

You can’t help but to look at Momo, tilt your head a bit, and think, “What the hell is she on?” She’s a ball of fire, I tell you. And no amount of water in the world could extinguish her. I thought she was so adorable and her voice was so cute when I first saw her. I was so intrigued and was like, “I need to know more about her!” Sleeping anywhere and sticking her pinky out are her charm points. You can’t miss this little midget here!

02. Saki Shimizu

Captain is the ultimate package. She’s everything you’d want in a leader: confident, unshaken, & trustworthy. She’s eveything you’d want in a member: enthusiastic, timely, & committed. And she’s definitely everything you’d want in a friend. Her shortness attracted me at first–it’s cute! I found it hard to believe that she was 14(when I discovered them) and she was leader; she was never in the front! Like Maasa, Tsunku is breaking the cycle and giving Saki more opportunities to shine. But if you ask me, this should’ve been awarded in the first place!

01. Risako Sugaya

Risako. Oh, Risako. I don’t think words can really explain how much I adore this girl. She’s the one who got me into Berryz and Hello! Pro. She is, it’s all her fault. She just had to be that young one that gets all the spotlight. You can’t blame Risako for getting the spotlight. You have to blame the producers, so go whine to them. It’s not her fault she’s amazingly gorgeous and can make your heart melt with a small smirk, she just does. She isn’t even the in-your-face glam girl that she is on camera, she looks for her other members and looks up to them. There’s nothing wrong with Risako, seriously. She doesn’t look like some weird, alien baby like Airi. She isn’t annoyingly blah like Takahashi. When you find a valid reason to hate on Risako, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be loving her.

The end! Don’t hate on these hoes, kay? ;D Sorry PBSpam! wasn’t out yesterday. I really wasn’t in the mood to type, lol. I’ll have it out this weekend. But anyway,  that’s all for today. Till next time, ~Kio.

PS! If you’re a Risako fan, like moi, you can vote for her to win Billboard Japan’s Best Independent Artist of 2010 here!! DO IT NOW OR ELSE I’LL BREAK YOUR ARM.


3 thoughts on “Top! Series – Favorite H!P Kids [Part IX]

  1. they are all amazing XD
    but im absolutely not agreeing with you about weird-alien-baby-airi thingy -__-
    you can love risako really, but don’t say such a bad comments to airi .__.
    im an airi fan, and i swear i NEVER say a word about risako’s fat body or awful voice -___- you should think before you talk man

    • Obviously, I am NOT an Airi fan. That’s how I view Airi and you’re in no position to tell me otherwise. She isn’t anything special or great to me. Emphasis on ME. Do I need to put a viewer discretion box at the top of my post or something??

      And how hypocritical of you to tell me not to say bad things about Airi but you bash Risako. Makes sense? I think not.

  2. hey!!^^ you really have taste in choosing H!P members :P I love that you placed Maasa in your top,she really deserves more atention than she get’s! :D
    I’ll tell you my favourite members too ^^ :
    1.Suzuki Airi (and I don’t care if you say bad things about her,so many people hate Airi-chan so it should be stupid to be upset when someone is hating on her :P )
    2.Sudou Maasa(GOD!!! I really really like her,why she is allways in the back? :(( )
    3.Tanaka Reina(she is so cute with her pigtails,and she really have sense in fashion! XD)
    4.Takahashi Ai(again,I don’t care if you say bad things about Ai,for me she is someone that every H!P fan should respect :P )
    5.Natsuyaki Miyabi(her character and her voice are really cool :) )
    6.Tsugunaga Momoko(for me she is the funniest person I ever seen,especially in Buono! videos XD)
    7.Kumai Yurina(the gentle giant of BK deserves more atention,she looks like a very gentle person to me :P )
    8.Niigaki Risa(allong with Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina,she is one of the members that I respect alot!!)
    9.Michishige Sayumi(she is probably not the best singer in H!P,but I like her voice and she is really cute)
    10.Kamei Eri(even if she is the last in my top,I really really like her =3)
    sorry for the mistakes but I’m not american or english :P

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