Top! Series – Favorite Perfume songs [Part VIII]

YEP, THIS IS TOTALLY LIKE, UBER LIKE, LATE. Buuut, this is the first non-H!P Top! series post! :3 You should know that I’m not an H!P-only fan and I like to listen to different asian music rather than just bubblegum pop. You should all know who Perfume is, and if you don’t…get out from under that rock >_> So here goes the 8th installment to the Top! series: Favorite Perfume Songs of all time.

10. Electro World

This song is really addictive. It’s one of those songs that completely explains Perfume as a whole. It has a trance feel and manages to maintain a cute and hardcore sound. The lyrics to it are very interesting, too. It’s definitely a timeless song, and can’t age at all.


This song has a slight lounge-y sound to it. I can never get tired of hearing it. It’s one of those types of songs that you can get you relaxed. The guitar & piano throughout the whole thing keeps me hooked. It’s a really pretty song; it’d be impossible not to like it.

08. Perfume

Aww, maybe this song defines Perfume? Hm? This song is just pure fun! The whole song reminds me of an arcade game BGM. It’s so cute~ When I first heard this, I couldn’t get “Pa pa pa pa pa pa pafyumu!” out of my head! It’s so catchy. You can’t listen to this song and not bop your head around!

07. Puppy love

Another cutely innocent song. This one reminds me alot like Charlie Brown’s theme song, right? xD I like clearing my mind and listening to this. It’s like it relieves stress, almost. I really love the chorus, too. It’s a great album song. (Can I also just randomly say that the outfits to the cover are AWESOME??)

06. edge

The beginning/intro of this song kept me interested. It sounds like a long ass burp, right? LOL. This song is real, hardcore trance. The lyrics fit well and kept me interested longer. The chorus part gets dancier and you’re like, “Dude, this is the shit.” And it is, my friend, it is. How is this song 6 and a half minutes long? It seriously doesn’t sound that long.

05. 575

This is a wannabe ballad. But damn, it works. It’s so friggin’ gorgeous. Not only were the verses stuck in my head, but…what is this!? Rapping!? OMG. This song just got 2000x better. It’s so different but it fits so well! I love it so much. One of the best b-sides ebar.


NIGHT FLIGHT has a weird 60s theme to it, and it’s awesome. I have no idea what they’re actually talking about, but it sounds pretty cool, LOL. The chorus is really addictive. I couldn’t stop listening to this song when I first heard it. Love it, love it, love it.

03. love the world

love. this. song. It’s hyper and uber fun. Those twinkles are super cute; they totally make the song. I love the chorus too–totally catchy. I couldn’t get enough of this song at first. This must be so fun to perform on stage; the dance to it shows Perfume’s creativity to the little things.

02. Negai

Wow, this is one amazing ballad. I think it’s difficult to make a ballad in the trance/techno genre. But, this song is just perfection. I love the piano that plays throughout even though you can’t hear it completely. The lyrics are beautiful, as well. It perfectly matches the song and mood it portrays. I can’t help but daydream while listening to this.

01. The best Thing

Number one has to be another awesomely hyper song. I loved the melody and beat to this one at first listen. I don’t even care that the girls are over-autotuned or that the song basically repeats itself 3 times. It’s just so ADDICTIVE. The chorus, oh the chorus is so friggin’ cute! You are my heart, my life, and my soul. I love you more than words can say~ In English, too! Yup, they sang it in English. Just a purely lovable song<3


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