[PBSpam! Part V] Someone needs some McDonald’s….

Welcome back to PBSpam! :3 Today’s spam will discover one of the less popular H!P teens. She’s super tan and just looks gorgeous in anything. Who is it..?

Title: Chinami

Girl: Chinami Tokunaga

PB #: 1st

Release Date: September 11th, 2009

Cute pic. I could’ve sworn the shirt said ‘Alaska’ rather than ‘Aloha’. xDD

That bathing suit is really cute~!

This is a really pretty pic of her; one of the best in the PB.

Another cute pic!

Whoa. Weird pose O_o

There’s a heart on your butt. :3

Omg, her arms. o___o

Ahh! Don’t hurt yourself, Chii-chan! :O

Such an adorable set of pictures~ Chii-piggytails<33

~Just washing the dog~ Wahh, her buns always look so CUTE! And that dog is just workin’ the camera.

I love this one. The photographer caught the photo at just the right time. And the setting is beautiful.

Omaigawd, more Chii-tails<33 :D

Chinami has a boxy frame, doesn’t she? Oh well, I still like this picture of her.

Cowboy boots always make me giggle :’3

Chii’s hair is so cute~!<3

Keeki! I want some!! :O

My favorite photos in the book. The photographer really captured some fantastic ones here.

She has such a pretty smile!

“Look! I see some wotas peeking over the fence!!”

“AH MY GAWD! They jumped over it!!”


C-ciao? No, I don’t want you to go!! D:

Overall: <_< I’m pretty sure the .zip I downloaded was missing some files. It just seemed so short. Anyways, I liked the PB alot. The settings and the photos were really well shot. But wow, I noticed how skinny Chinami is. She’s not just normal skinny like Miyabi or Yurina, she’s super skinny.. I mean, she’s been like that forever, since I got into Berryz. But jeez, does she only eat like..homus and lettuce? I don’t know but she needs some American McDonald’s, man. To conclude, the PB was very pretty.


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