Top! Series – Best H!P Ballads [Part VII]

Okay! So today we will be exploring the wonderful world of ballads in the H!P world. It’s tough to make a good ballad. There has to be good replay value, the lyrics must be addicting, and most importantly, the vocals must be phenomenal. And now, I have you the 7th installment to the Top! Series: The Best Hello! Project Ballads (of all time).

10. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai darou? [If it Doesn’t Rain, Will the Stars Not Love?]

This song was an instant fan-favorite when it was leaked. Its title definitely intrigued people and made them fall in love with it even more. One very prominant thing about this song is that it has a gorgeous piano and violin playing throughout. Its verses are soft while the chorus is extremely powerful. Something very interesting about this song, something no one ever saw coming, was Linlin and Jun Jun’s Chinese solo verses. It added even more swish. An amazing track to the Platinum 9 DISC album.

09. Never Forget

The third track to Morning Musume’s 4th single. It was also a departure song sung completely by Asuka Fukuda. I didn’t pay much attention to the song when I first heard it–not sure why. It does not sound as old as it actually is, it’s a very beautiful song. It also really shows off Asuka’s singing skills. She was absolutely a great singer.

08. Koi ING [Loving]

This song has a gorgeous piano playing throughout and has power even in the quietest times. The lyrics are very cute and show a shy side to love. For whatever reason, any time you listen this song, it will cheer you up and make you smile. Not only is it cute and sweet, but it has a hint of inspiration in it and it kinda shouts to you. It’s a fantastic b-side.

07. Mushoku Toumei na Mama de [In a Colorless, Transparent State]

The song starts off slow and you get the feeling that you’re not going to like it even though one of your favorite members is in it. Suddenly the hook begins and you’re like, “Wait, this could get better..” and bam! There goes the chorus and you’re amazed. This song makes you feel like you’re sitting in a sea of sakura. It’s aboslutely beautiful. I also like the fact that it has two members that weren’t heard very much, Asami Konno & Makoto Ogawa.

06. Semi [Cicada]

I immediately fell in love with this song by the first listen. Everytime I hear it, I get lost in it. It’s ageless, I tell you. The girls were so young here but each one of them sound fantastic. I love the translation to this song, as well. I don’t know, but I love this song to tears.

05. Omoi Afurete [Overflowing Memories]

When I first listened to the Omoi Afurete album by Matsuura, this was the first song I absolutely fell in love with. This song almost brings me to tears because it’s just so powerful. It doesn’t have a loud sound to it, and to tell you the truth, it never actually gets loud. What makes it so powerful is the way Aya sings. She’s superb and I’m happy that this song was sung by her because I don’t know if anyone else would make me feel the same away about it. It’s beautiful.

04. Goal

I have yet to hear another song from Hello! Project that reminds me of this. It’s tied for my favorite song by Buono! The whole thing is just dreamy. When you listen to it, it feels like you can get lost in your daydreams. I also adore the guitar in this. Something else about it that gets attention, is that people–including myself–compare it to Coldplay. Just the comparison to them makes me love it even more. I probably love Coldplay as much as I love Buono!, lol.

03. BE

Even though this song is accompanied by a bunch of little girls and some old guys, it’s the last song you’d expect to be one of the greatest H!P ballads ever. When you first hear the name and who they’re partnered with, you’re probably like, “Eh, what’s this?” But then when you hear it, you’re thinking “I don’t know about this..” But then you get to the chorus and you’re face turns into O__O I didn’t even know Berryz could make a song like this. The chorus is so powerful and spectacular, it’s hard to explain. You really have to sit down, and listen to this song if you think it’s just talk. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen.

02. dearest.

When I first heard this song, I found myself humming the chorus constantly. I was thinking, “What song am I even singing?” Then I came across it while my music was in shuffle mode. I replayed the song about 5 times before moving on. I’m not sure why I was so hooked. But believe me, after listening to this song a few times, you’ll find yourself either singing or humming along with it. It’s definitely one of my favorite Aya songs and it’s just fantastic.

01. LIFE

Maki Goto’s LIFE clocks in at the number one Hello! Project ballad of all time spot. This song is just alluring in every single way. The whole thing is played by an orchestra with the prominant cellos and harp. And I have to say, Maki sounds awesome. I have never given her enough credit as a singer, but she does deserve it. The very end has to be the best part of the whole song. All the instruments and everything in the background is cut off while Maki continues singing and leaves us with a perfectly hit long not. I don’t know how you could not like this. It gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.


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