[PBSpam! Part IV] Is that one C-utie still even popular?

So part 4 of the PBSpam! series explores the PB of a young C-utie who has now been pushed out of the C-utelight. She’s small but she seems to brighten up the screen. Who is it?

Title: Mai Hagiwara

Girl: Mai Hagiwara

PB #: 1st Photobook

Release Date: October 10th, 2009

Lovely photo of her.

My favorite picture. It’s really just…cute ^ ^ She looks like an adorable little boy..

One-pieces don’t suit her. And her face looks evil xD

I bet she’s calling Maimi for some advice on how to pose next…. xP

Wha..where the hell is she?? It looks like a coast of Hawaii xD Lava rocks and shizz.

Jump for joy! You aren’t the last C-utie to get a PB! Yippee~!

This pic kinda surprised me. She has curves! But it could just be some nice photoshopping soo… xD;;

Cute pic~

Uh oh~! She just spotted some wotas peeking over the fence! :O

Yes, Mai. A floatie in the ocean DOES fail big time.

I’m not sure why but the first thing that caught my attention in this picture was the pink balls in her hair xD

Another super cute pic. She kinda looks like Sayaka Kitahara here.

This bathing suit is so kawaii~ But the bottoms kinda look like undies LOL.

Pretty photo. The super brightness in the back makes it look super cool.

…Something about this picture looks so freaky xD

I like how she’s in a random street.

Another very pretty close-up of her.

I love the lighting in this pic.

Ahaha, we all remember this picture from the previews.

I like the scenery in this one.

From first glace, she looks EXACTLY like Takahashi o.o

…Why was she in this position anyway? LOLOL.

“Otayy~ Let’s go shoppiiiinnng 8D”

I looove the angle of this photo. It’s so..’magazine cover’ :D

“Ohz well hayyy mah doppleganger! 8’3”

Well, well, well, another helicopter-taken picture.

Last couple of pages~ The seifuku one is soo cute.

Overall, the PB was very simple; not completely bland, but nothing totally memorable. A few pictures, I did like. But Mai having a first PB at only 13…kinda bothers me for whatever reason. I mean, 13 is a teen but something about Mai is still very innocent and young. She still looks like she’s 12 or 11–even now. Although Risako had a PB at only 12 years old there was something very mature in her personality and presence. I don’t know, it could be just me. As for the title of the post, I named it that mainly because I don’t see any hardcore Maimai fans…ever. I vaguely remember her being a super-almost-as-popular-as-MaimiAiri-member. I feel like that’s changed with the dropping of two members and now even more is about Maimi and Airi. I’ve also figured out one more thing about Mai…she has a talent of looking exactly like other H!P members. xD


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