The Worst News I’ve Heard Since the C-ute Deterioration

You may have already seen it in many places already–Hello! Online being a major place.

Tsunku has announced that Eri Kamei, Jun Jun, and Linlin will be graduating from Morning Musume.

Eri Kamei’s Comment:

As Tsunku said, I will be graduading Morning Musume on the last day of the concert tour this fall to concentrate on my health. It’s my decision, but let me reassure you, my condition is not as serious. I just want to concentrate on my recovery for a while because recently I have been wanting to become a more beautiful woman. I took this decision with that in mind.
But I really will do well in concerts now, and then to the concert this fall, I count on you to sing, dance, and have fun with me.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jun Jun’s Comment:

Since my arrival in Japan, I did and learned so much. Thank you very much. But what really made me happy is to have met you all, I am so grateful for that. With this feeling in my heart, I want to have even more good memories with you. Until my graduation at the end of the concert tour this fall of Morning Musume, I intend to sing with all my heart .
Thank you for your support until the last day. Thank you all.

Linlin’s Comment:

Since I joined the Hello! Project Eggs and then Morning Musume, I was so happy everyday without exception. Of course, sometimes I missed my home but with everyone around me and with your support , I now feel that Japan and the Hello! Project are like my home.
During the tour this fall , I intend to sing with everything I have so I count on your support and hope to see you there.
I love you (in Chinese)

Eri Kamei will be leaving due to a skin illness she’s been suffering from for years. It’s called atopic dermatitis, which is a type of eczema that causes slight skin pigment changes. She has been able to hide this condition from the public with coverage of make-up. Tsunku stated that the condition could possibly move to an internal level, and it has already affected Eri in her mental being. She wants to leave so she will have time to properly treat the illness; it’s unsure whether she’ll return back to the industry afterwards. What I don’t understand is, why wait so many years? Eri said it was her decision but, is Tsunku really the mastermind behind clearing up spots?

Jun Jun and Linlin barely have a reason for graduating. As far as I’m understanding, they’re being kicked out of the group and sent back to China. Tsunku had said in his announcement that he believes ‘they have grown as both singers and Japanese speakers and are now women who are capable of standing on their own two feet.‘ They will continue their music/entertainment careers in China. So basically, Tsunku got tired of the Pandas and is sending them back to China. Whatever.

I was obviously shocked seeing this announcement. I just couldn’t believe it at all. All three of them are my favorites from the current MM line-up–Eri being an extremely close second after Reina. Not to mention, all were in my top 10 Hello! Pro members. It hasn’t even been a year since the line-up was thrown out of whack when Koharu left in December. Morning Musume will be even more different. I haven’t even gotten used to the minus Koharu line-up yet. Seriously, I keep expecting to see her in videos and…she’s not there. Now Eririn, Junni, and Lin are going and…that’s just too many members gone.

But it seems as though Tsunku was thinking ahead and the 9th generation auditions will begin. It’s been the first time public auditions have been held since 2006. Tsunku is looking for one more member(possibly more) between the ages of 10-17. The group will be down to only 5 people on after October 24th, 2010. So the addition of more members is seriously needed. We don’t need another C-ute, thank you very much.

And to the last two months of the 8nin line-up. Much love from Kio. Eri, Linlin, and Jun Jun<3 :|


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