More S/mileage Skirts, BERRYZ PAWAA, & Loluludolu

Mkay, so the news for this week includes some S/mileage, some Berryz, and some Lilpri. Here we go~

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Top! Series – Best H!P Ballads [Part VII]

Okay! So today we will be exploring the wonderful world of ballads in the H!P world. It’s tough to make a good ballad. There has to be good replay value, the lyrics must be addicting, and most importantly, the vocals must be phenomenal. And now, I have you the 7th installment to the Top! Series: The Best Hello! Project Ballads (of all time).

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C-ute crap, Mano crap, & MM crap

So, alot of just plain crap has been going on in H!P this past week. No I’m serious, it’s all crap. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

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Top! Series – Favorite Morning Musume Singles [Part VI]

WOO! Finally, another Top! Series post. This is like, super old so all the singles are as of Nanchatte Renai. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the 6th Top! Series: Favorite Morning Musume Singles (of all time).

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The Worst News I’ve Heard Since the C-ute Deterioration

You may have already seen it in many places already–Hello! Online being a major place.

Tsunku has announced that Eri Kamei, Jun Jun, and Linlin will be graduating from Morning Musume.

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New Hello! Pro Releases

The last week or so has been filled with H!P announcements. Here goes~

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