[PBSpam! Part III] Every berry has their moment to shine!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. Here is part 3 of the PBSpam! series. This week I’ll be featuring the comedian Berryz member whose moment to the spotlight isn’t always there. Can you guess?


Title: maasa

Girl: Maasa Sudou

PB #: 1st Photobook

Release Date: March 11, 2009

Psh, you know she made that basket.

Next few shots have her in this really pwetty school uniform.


Awesome close-up of Maasa-sa.

Next batch of pictures are swimsuit shots~

Yay! Jump for joy; you got a PB before Captain~!!

Everyone knows Maasa for being the bulky, macho Berryz. But she really isn’t big at all. I think it’s her height and the clothes they put on her that makes her seem bigger.

Probably my favorite shot in the whole PB. This is super gorgeous.

Omg, that guy in the background is totally stealing Maasa’s style. Look, he practically has the same outfit on as her!

Which size, which color. Hmm…

“Like my melons?”

Maasa carwash, anyone?

I’ll pay as much yen as you want~!


This kinda looks like the swimsuit Miyabi wore in one of her’s, right?

Another really beautiful pic in the PB. This one feels so calming~


Ready, set, JUMP!

Love at first bite, eh? Can I have a bite of yew? > 3>


Meat looks weird in this picture o -o

:o Shh! She’s sleeping~~

Whoops, woke her up o 3o

Totally gorgeous pictures. Maasa looks so stunning!<3

Her expression kind of looks like she didn’t expect the water to be so deep, haha.

Lovely photo~

Wahh! So beautiful~!

Maximum hulas: …5 8D

Super pwetty.

I love this pics. They all look so fun~!

These are absolutely gorgeous.

And the end of the photobook.

Overall, it’s a totally amazing photobook. It really shows the softer side of Maasa. There was pretty much nothing I disliked. I really love the close ups of her, too–they’re all so flattering. I can’t wait for another one by her!

Phew, that took forever! xD The next PBSpam! won’t be for another two weeks, so I hope you enjoyed this one! Maasa’s birthday was also earlier this month, if you didn’t already know that :] In other news, I’ve contributed to the Berryz crisis(as I call it) and ordered the Type B version of Maji Bomber!!. As I said before, the sales are lacking immensely and a lot of people have been hoping for better sales since the single’s so amazing! I hope to see my copy come in within the next 1-2 weeks. Till tomorrow, ~Kio.


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