Buono! – We Are Buono! Review

Finally, a review~! I’ve been dying to review something for ages. It’s been much, much too long. Okay so here goes–Buono!’s 3rd studio album, We Are Buono!, released on February 10th, 2010. My favorite songs are bolded. Douzo!

01. One Way = My Way

Although this song is super fun and easy to listen to, I don’t think it was the best choice for an album opener. It’s definitely one of the most powerful songs in the album, but it just doesn’t sound like an opening song, IMO. It’s a very fitting song for Buono! and I do admit, it’s catchy. When I first downloaded the album, I remember myself singing “Go one way, my way dokomademo~” all the time at school. Haha~ Good Buono! song.

02. Our Songs

One of the single a-sides featured on the album. I feel as though this song would’ve made a better opening song than One Way. I loved the song as soon as I heard it the first time. It’s the perfect Buono! song and completely addictive. The chorus kind of has a softer sound than the rest of the song and the instrumental break is sick. You will definitely bop your head to this no matter how many times you listen to it.

03. Independent Girl~Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni

I find this song to be the hardest one to listen to out of the whole album. I don’t really like the guitar throughout. It irkes me for I don’t know why. But dealing through that annoying guitar, I  find annoyance in the girls’ vocals. The chorus sounds like their straining their voices to hit the right pitch. It’s a nice song, but wasn’t meant for their voice types.

04. MY BOY

Another awesome a-side squeezed in the album and probably one of the most popular Buono! songs. I only know one person irl who hates the song for whatever reason. I’m like “Whaa!? It’s so awesome!<3” And it really is. This song was made for their voice types, definitely, because all of them(Yup, even Airi!) sound really fantastic. IMO, the song is totally addictive and the chorus is jumping-up-and-down awesome. The effects and guitar totally made this song.

05. Ura Hara

Ugh, love this song. It flows so well. The verses are peaceful and calm, but a little faster than Take It Easy!. Then the chorus amps up a bit and it feels like a real punk rock song, but the girls’ vocals soften it up and it still keeps the semi-ballad-ness. I love the instrumental break in this song, too. I also adore the lyrics, they’re really beautiful. Incase you’re wondering, Ura Hara means opposite or reverse; so in this case it’d be something that says something but really means the opposite. If you were to explain it in a person, you’d think of a hypocrite.

06. Take It Easy!

A lot of people don’t like this song, but I think it’s really calming and peaceful. I once had said it’s like a ‘break’ from their normal, totally punk rock songs. I find it nice to listen to when I’m in a neutral mood.

07. Bravo☆Bravo

Another famous Buono! song. It’s totally fun and happy. I consider it a Buono! super song. It just kinda explains what they are, all in one shot. Fun, interesting, and keeps you on your toes for more.

08. Kataomoi

My favorite song in the whole album. It has the same flow as Ura Hara–easy during the verses, but punk rock during the choruses. It’s powerful and packs a punch. It’d be the perfect ender to a concert–if they haven’t already done it. I find the song really catchy from beginning to end, which is part of the reason why I love it. I think the all three girls’ vocals are pretty good, as well.

09. Blue-Sky-Blue

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t very sold. The verses’ lyrics bored me a bit and went too slow for my liking. But after a few listens, I warmed up to it–especially the chorus. I found myself humming a few times during school and other random times. However, it doesn’t make the cut to be one of my favorites.

10. Koucha no Oishii Mise

Another ‘ballad’ song on the album. I thought it was really intriguing when I first heard it. They do a good job of the ‘harmonies’, which really make the song more interesting. For some reason, it’s a 4 minute song, but it feels like it’s much shorter than that. The song will definitely have you swaying each time you listen to it. But I don’t count it as one of my favorites because it’s not a song I would really have on repeat.

11. Tabidachi no Uta

A lot of reviews I’ve read have stated that the song isn’t worthy for being 6 minutes long. I find the song to be another Take It Easy!. I think it’s so calming and it’s another one of the songs I’d listen to if I was in a neutral mood. I do have to say, I don’t think the song was very friendly to Airi & Miyabi’s voices. I think they sounded very strained throughout the whole song; and even they sounded alike, I got them confused with each other most of the time.

12. We Are Buono!~Buono no Theme Song

The most hyper song in the whole album! Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind to have THIS song as the opener. Even though it’s hyper, and sounds totally random, it keeps its Buono! flavor. It’s totally cute and the whole song keeps you upbeat and singing along. I LOVE MUSIC! WE ARE BUONO!~♪


Overall: This is one of the best albums I’ve heard by H!P ever. This one was definitely dominated by mostly new songs, like their Cafe Buono!. Unlike their last album, this one had a bit more songs that I enjoyed listening to on repeat, my favorite being Kataomoi. There wasn’t alot that I wouldn’t tolerate listening to, but my least favorite would be Independent Girl. I love the cover outfits, as well. However, I think Miyabi looks a bit awkward with that hairstyle and(even though I hate to admit it…) Airi looks the best. If you haven’t, or deciding whether or not to, give the album a listen–or better yet, buy it!


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