…I died

…Yes, it’s been much too long. O_O Where have I been? …I honestly don’t know xD Last time I wrote, I was in school. WHOAZ. Well, it’s summer now and I have much to do(online, that is -__-). I might as well start here. So I’ve missed writing about a lot of stuff. I’m going to TRY MY GOD DAMNED HARDEST to release the weekly stuff. It’s been A LONG TIME. Let’s start by catching up with Hello! Pro releases, shall we?

So, going back about two months ago, THIS HAPPENED:

Erina Mano’s Onegai Dakara… PV. So, a pretty boring video if I do say so myself. A few people at a forum I go to have obssessed about how nice her boobs are. Err…okay. But I really have no idea why people are so biased towards her. She’s so uninteresting. It’s been 2 years since she’s been in a soloist and her hair has never changed. PLASTIC HAIR. Any normal critique will say “This bitch is boring.” …Well, maybe not like that but in a critique-esque way! I do love the song though, one of my favorite by Plastic Hair.

S/mileage’s debut single, Yume Miru Fifteen. It’s a lovely song, indeed. As for the video, it’s interesting. It’s not completely awesome, or really suitable for a debut, but it’s still cute. The dance is blah as usual. Saki-chi looks the best, most definitely.<3 I don’t like Dawa’s hair flipped up like that either, it looks super queer -.- Also, Kanon’s hair is just not doing it for me.

The PV to Morning Musume’s 43rd single, Seishun Collection. After a few listens, I did start to like the song a bit. I still don’t think it’s very original. But it’s pretty and it flows. I know a lot of people hate the damn outfits. I don’t totally love them, but I don’t totally hate them. The PV is nice and it takes place outdoors. I just think the setting with those outfits is strange xD

Fast foward to today, and THIS IS WHAT’S GOING ON:

Above is the CM and LQ PV of S/mileage’s new song OO Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nende!!, it’s set to release July 28th, 2010.It wasn’t too long ago they released their debut single. Not sure why they’re moving so quickly–or better yet, HOW. Hopefully they’re all getting sleep. Anyways, the song is super cute but I can’t say it’s my favorite. The PV is a bit more interesting than Yume Miru Fifteen. It has a cute concept and they’re all so adorable~! Their voices are a bit annoying after a few listens though O_e Below is tracklisting:

1. OO Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nende!!

2. OO Ganabaranakutemo Iin da yo!!

3. Smile Bijin

4. OO Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nende!! (Instrumental)

Above is the PV for Berryz Koubou’s newest single, Maji Bomber!!. The single was released July 14th, 2010. I love the whole single altogether. Everything is just so awesome. The PV is so fun, too. It was filmed really well, IMO. Some of the girls look really gorgeous(Saki, Chinami, & Risako) but others look kinda strange(Miyabi & Maasa). It’s kind of a shame this single is selling so poorly… Tracklisting below.

1. Maji Bomber!!


3. Maji Bomber!! (Instrumental)

Above is the radio rip for C-ute’s new single, Dance de Bakoon!, set to release on August 25th, 2010. No it’s not about dancing with bacon. Bakoon is the sound of something getting hit, so the translated title would be Dancing with a Bang!. Below are the new profile pictures:

Saki looks gorrrrrgeous.<3 But the outfits don’t match the song very well. e_e

Lastly, it has been announced and confirmed that Buono! will be releasing a Best-of album on August 10th, 2010, entitled The Best Buono!. Now, fans are taking this in many different ways. For right now, I’m not sure what I think about it, so I’m just gonna think of it as what it is. Fans are worrying though, and I know why. Since Buono! was just a group to sing openings and endings to an anime, they don’t matter very much. Possibly, Shugo Chara! might be coming to an end soon and it’s about time the group does too. I also thought that maybe the album was a turning point; maybe if they sold a lot copies, they would go on as a group but if they didn’t, they’d disband. Like I said, I don’t know if any of them are true, and frankly, I don’t want them to be true. Tracklisting below:

1. We are Buono! ~Buono! no Theme
2. Renai Rider
3. Bravo☆Bravo
4. Shoushitsu Ten -Vanishing Point-
5. Honto no Jibun
6. Take It Easy!
7. Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!
8. Rock no Kamisama (2010 mix version)
10. Rottara Rottara
11. MY BOY
12. Cafe Buono!
13. Nakimushi Shounen (2010 mix version)
14. Blue-Sky-Blue
15. Our Songs
16. Last Forever (2010 mix version)
18. Kataomoi
19. Goal

Limited Version Disc 2 Tracklist:

1. Kokoro no Tamago
2. Janakya Mottainai!
3. Minna Daisuki
4. Lady Panther
5. My Love
6. Muteki no ∞ Power
7. Warp!
8. Kirai Suki Dai Kirai
9. -Winter Story-


– Making Of plus more

In addition to all that, there will be handwritten lyrics by the Buono! members and all songs will be remastered by Don Bartley…who phucking knows why -__- Well people at that forum were complaining about the setlist as well. I don’t see anything wrong with it, to be honest. I love almost all of the songs on there. I also noticed they left out Gachinko de Ikou! and co.no.mi.chi. Not sure why, but I would’ve loved to have had Gachinko on there; I don’t care too much for co.no.mi.chi. Let’s hope sales are good. Buono! fighting!!

Phew, done with that! :’D In other news, today marks the one year anniversary of this blog! Yayy~! Pretty exciting for me, if I do say. I’m not sure I had a blog for this long xD Anyway, thanks everyone. Total pageviews: 1,285. Woo!



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