Hello! Project Bulk Post

I’m a little late for some of this, but I’ve been a little busy x] Here goes some Hello! Project covers, a PV, new releases and whatever the hell else.


Above are the covers(hover for info) for S/mileage’s debut single, Yume Miru Fifteen. It will be released May 26th, 2010. Below is the tracklisting and promotional pictures.

1. Yume Miru Fifteen

2. Thank You! Cream Brulee no Yuujou

3. Yume Miru Fifteen (Instrumental)

Can I also say Kanon’s hair is hideous? ._.

Above are bigger covers to C-ute’s 12th single, Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. All will be released on April 28th, 2010, while the Single V will release May 15th. Below is the tracklisting:

1. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~

2. Tachiagare Otometachi

3. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~

The a-side translates to Campus Life ~I’m Glad I Was Born~ while the b-side means Stand Up, Young Girls.

Here are the covers to Sayumi Michishige’s photobook, La, and the DVD, Sayu. Hover your mouse for the cover information. The PB will release on April 26th while the DVD will release two days later on April 28th. The term ‘La‘ actually means Hawaiian sun.

Above is the cover to a new H!P  project being referred to as a ‘mook‘–meaning a magazine/book. The first volume of Hello! Channel will release April 26th and will include:

– A gravure opening with Takahashi Ai and Mano Erina
– An H!P unit fashion coordination showdown
– A work challenge
– S/mileage major debut feature
– Karaoke battle

It is also being promoted by various Hello! Project members on UFA’s YouTube channel. Check them out, they’re all real cute! >w<

Above are the covers to Erina Mano’s 7th single and 10th single overall, Onegai Dakara… It will release on May 12th, 2010. Again, you can hover your mouse for more information on the covers. Below is the tracklisting:

1. Onegai Dakara…

2. Hana Kotoba

3. Onegai Dakara… (Instrumental)

I actually like the covers for this single.

PVs and Previews

Above is the PV to C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. I don’t know if I like the PV or not. There’s honestly not much to it. Just them walking around and listening to their iPods. Plus, they dance on a tennis court in hideous pink outfits. Meh. Whatever. Pulled a C-ute. What do you expect?

Above is the full rip and PV preview to Erina Mano’s Onegai Dakara… I like the song, and Mano is strangely getting alot of those comments by me. PV looks like it’s just gonna be dancing, close-ups, and backstage footage.

Yume Miru Fifteen by S/mileage radio rip. I am already in love with this song and I just know their debut is going to be huge. I hope the PV fits real well and is alluring.

Seishun Collection by Morning Musume radio rip. For some reason, I’m not diggin’ the song too much. It sounds like a happy version of Nanchatte Renai and a faster version of Shouganai Yume Oibito. Tsunku needs to be a little more creative, like the Juu MY ME album.


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