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One of the only things I look forward to at the beginning of the year xD Last year’s poll, Paul had you choose your top ten favorite H!P members of all time. Here was mine:


First of all, I remember being so goddamn confused and torn while doing this. I was just like “WHO THE HELL DO I CHOOSE!?”. To add on to that, I had never really thought about my top 10 before at all. I knew who I liked, and I knew who I didn’t. Miki and Risako were pretty much tied for first place. I didn’t know where to put who, so I kinda just did an eeny-meeny-miney-mo thing to decide xD Reina is right after Risako, where she should be, as well as Saki, Momoko, and Erika. The last four were a little…random. I knew I wanted to put Kanna in there for sure. But Yossie, Abe, and Konno were just sprinkled in there because I wanted Morning Musume members to show up somewhere. So all in all, I did really bad choosing my top 10 xD

This year’s poll was completely different since Hello! Project had a total makeover. Paul made you rank each and every member in Hello! Project plus the main groups. I was sort of surprised to see how many people there were left in Hello! Project, to be honest. Well, here goes:

1: Risako Sugaya

Pretty damn duh. Risako is the one that got me into Berryz and Hello! Project. She may not be the best singer and come off like an attention whore, but she’s still pwnsome in my rollbook <3 !!

2: Reina Tanaka

C’mon! It’s Reina! Everyone knows I love Reina and she’s always right there behind my Risako. She’s very talented and comes off as so cool even if she has chicken legs ;3

3: Saki Shimizu

Captain ftw~! Saki’s small, but she’s got a fiery spirit. She can dance and take the stage like no other. And she can really pull off her outfits and hairstyles like the amazing little leader she is!

4: Momoko Tsugunaga

The now smallest Berryz out there, she’s cute but packs a punch. Don’t let her size fool you, she’s got an amazing voice that’s improving with each single and Momo’s a super determined girl.

5: Chisato Okai

Chisato looks like she has an idol just waiting inside her. She always gets the bad end of the deal with the hairdresser but still looks her finest. Chisa is a very pretty girl and is definitely talented~!

6: Saki Nakajima

Another one of the ‘stick-in-the-background’ girls of C-ute. Saki is such a sight for sore eyes, it’s awesome. She has a good personality to match as well. She’s not the greatest singer but she’s not awful!!<33

7: Eri Kamei

I knew Eri was sexy and fierce the minute I saw her. She has that passion and spice to her that is just impossible to ignore. But Eririn also has that ounce of cuteness in her that makes you love her even more~! :3

8: Risa Niigaki

The subleader of Morning Musume and one of the longest lasting members. Risa is completely awesome and no one should say otherwise. She has an upbeat voice to match her personality.

9: Jun Jun


10: Linlin

Lin is just so very talented. If you’ve ever heard her sing solo, you would know. If you haven’t, then damn you! You’re missing out! This panda can just be utterly fantastic.

As you can see, the top ten is alot more precise and I didn’t just totally guess on most of them xD Now I’ll go through the rest~:

11: Maasa Sudou

I always had a soft spot for Maasa. If you’ve ever seen her in Making Of videos, she has such an awesome personality. She’s super funny and just has that cool and smooth vibe.

12: Ayaka Wada

My favorite egg ever~! Well, former egg anyway. She’s super cute and is in one of the best groups ever, S/mileage! Plus she’s the leader. Woot~! I love Dawa-chan!

13: Yurina Kumai, 14: Miyabi Natsuyaki, 15: Chinami Tokunaga

These 3 might as well just count as one because they can’t be counted seperately, THEY’RE IN BERRYZ!!

16: Saki Ogawa, 17: Kanon Fukuda, 18: Yuuka Maeda

The rest of the S/mileage gang. I can’t really rank them just yet, but I have to put Saki-chi first!!<3

19: Sayumi Michishige, 20: Aika Mitsui

Also should be counted as one. I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them.

21: Mai Hagiwara

Mai was never a favorite of mine, but I never totally hated her. I just feel as though she gets a little more attention than she deserves.

22: Maimi Yajima

As  leader, Maimi should be getting alot of the attention in C-ute–but it’s just the opposite for Captain. Maimi has a sleek style to her, but she isn’t the best singer. And I’ve never really seen her perform or in MO vids, so… I can’t say I like her.

23: Airi Suzuki, 24: Erina Mano, 25: Ai Takahashi

Might as well all count  as one whole 25. Everyone knows I dislike/hate them very much. Airi gets too much attention but I honestly think her talent is low. Erina is a soloist for…idk wtf. She can’t sing and has virtually no personality, so I can’t see how someone could like her so much. Then there’s Takahashi. The leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Nothing about her I like.  She comes across as very annoying to me and is kinda has nothing to offer. I don’t think she’s a very good singer and I don’t really pay attention to her as a performer because… I’d get too bored.

1: Berryz Koubou

Uhh… der duh der!! If you didn’t realize Berryz was my favorite group ever… you’re fucking retarded xD

2: Buono!

I didn’t think Buono! would be as popular as they become, but I loved them from the beginning. Their style is amazing and their music is even better. I hope they go on longer than Shugo Chara! lasts.

3: Morning Musume

It’s pretty weird to be a Hello! Project fan and not have an ounce of Morning Musume love in you. They’re the main group and their music is catchy…you know, sometimes x]

4: S/mileage

This group is going to be big, no doubt. Four former eggs join forces to create a youthful group with a just fun sound. S/mile on!

5: Guardians4

They have Risako and Saki, but I never paid too much attention to the group. I only like 1 and a half singles of their’s[Omakase!Guardian(maybe..) & PARTY TIME]. But I don’t like them less than the last 2 units.

6: C-ute

C-ute have definitely failed the past year. Their singles have been losing a lot of people’s attention and they lost almost half their members. One of which is actually prospering. They’ve definitely lost my like…

7: Erina Mano

… I don’t even have to explain this.

Hope you liked the big ass entry, lol. I spent quite a time on it! I also entered myself in the give-away contest Paul held, but… big possibility I won’t win anything x] Fingers crossed!!



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