Upcoming Releases

Here is a long list of upcoming releases for Hello! Project and elsewhere.

Morning Musume

Morning Musume’s new album, 10 My Me, is set to release March 17th, 2010. Below is the full tracklisting:

1. Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo!~ = ‘Moonlight Night ~This Moon Lit Up The Night!~’
2. Kimagure Princess
3. Genki Pika Pika! = ‘Energetic Pika Pika*!
‘4. Namidacchi = ‘Crying, a Cute Way?’
5. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai?
6. Ookii Hitomi = ‘Big Eyes’
7. Ano Hi ni Modoritai = ‘I Want To Go Back So Far’
8. Nanchatte Renai
9. Osaka Oshiinen = ‘Osaka Delicious’
10. Loving you forever
11. Shouganai Yume Oibito
12. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese Ver.)

*Pika Pika is a sound effect.

New songs are italicized.

Eri Kamei will be releasing her 8th PB, sweet, on February 25th, 2010. Above is the cover and the DVD will be entitled too sweet Eri.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou’s newest single and third double A-side will be called Otakebi Boy WAO! / Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!.  It is scheduled to release March 3rd, 2010. The covers are above in order of left to right: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C. Otakebi Boy WAO! will be used as the newest ending theme for Inazuma Eleven 2. Below is the low quality PV of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! and the 15 second preview of Otakebi Boy WAO!.


1. Otakebi Boy WAO!

2. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!

3. Otakebi Boy WAO! (Instrumental)

4. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! (Instrumental)

Berryz will also be releasing their 6th album, 6th Otakebi, and will release March 31st, 2010. No more information on it now.


SHOCKING 5 is C-ute’s 5th album and will release on February 24th, 2010. Below is the tracklisting for the CD and DVD.


1. EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!
2. The Party!
3. Aa Koi [Airi Suzuki]
4. Bye Bye Bye!
5. Lonely girl’s night [Airi Suzuki]
6. Kimi no Senpou [Saki Nakajima, Chisato Okai, Mai Hagiwara]
8. Shigatsu Sengen
9. Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu [Airi Suzuki]
10. Yume ga Aru kara
11. Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (H22 Remix)

New songs are italicized.


S/mileage will be releasing their 4th single, Otona ni Narutte Katashi, on March 14th, 2010. Preview below:

Ongaku Gatas

Surprisingly, Ongaku Gatas are still alive. Their 4th single, READY! KICK OFF!!, will release March 6th, 2010. It will be released as an indie single.



2. READY! KICK OFF!! (Instrumental)


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