Presenting: Airi Suzuki feat. Those Other Girls!

(Picture taken from TH!P)


What…the…fuck? I feel like puking right now. Airi gets the whole song all to herself when she can’t sing, she’s not pretty, and she sounds like a dying cat. This is so ridiculous, I hope C-ute goes up in flames now. Why doesn’t Tsunku and his arrangers figure out that there are other members in the group? Other members with actual TALENT? Particularly Chisato. Speaking of Chisato, she and Mai are the only ones that look good in this PV. Saki looks like an accountant, Maimi looks so damn ugly with that haircut, and Airi just looks the same. C-ute is just going to fail in my eyes. They’re never gonna be the same as they were 6 or 8 singles ago. I didn’t even like Namida no Iro but it was still a great song and everyone looked amazing. Now that my two favorite members are gone(<3 u Erika & Kanna), there's nothing for me with C-ute anymore.
And what the fuck is up with this PV? The whole thing takes place in a damn parking garage. Like, really???

There goes my rant of the day. Damn Tsunku and his ridiculous decisions. Did you figure out that he MADE Koharu Kusumi graduate? It wasn't her choice! Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I'll be out all day today so I'll wish you a Merry Christmas tomorrow morn. Bye~!, Kio.


4 thoughts on “Presenting: Airi Suzuki feat. Those Other Girls!

  1. ^
    No, you said it simply because you don’t like Airi, which is really immature, just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she can’t hold a tune.

    Whether you agree or not, Airi CAN sing, she IS a great singer, she’s been praised by Tsunku, and admired by other H!P members for her great live singing voice, so it doesn’t matter if you think she can’t, because, like I said, Tsunku, and a few other H!P members (who are considered Airi’s SENIORS) thinks she can (and that means something), deny it all you want, hater.

    Airi can sing, end of discussion.

    • Just because you can hold a note without breaking, doesn’t mean you sound good doing it. Airi’s voice is strained and there’s nothing more to it. Just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give her the praise she deserves–but she doesn’t. I’m not a biased person at all. If my favorite sucks, I’m going to point out they suck. If my least favorite sounds awesome, I’m going to point out they sound awesome. There’s only ever been a few songs where I thought, “Oh, Airi sounds pretty good here.”

      Ai Takahashi is one of my least favorite members of H!P, but SHE CAN SING. And I KNOW she can sing. I don’t sit there and say, “Oh, this chick can’t sing for nothing,” just because I think she’s the most boring Musume ever. Airi doesn’t match anywhere near Ai, and never will. Airi only gets so much praise because she’s “cute.” But it’s pretty obvious the best singer in C-ute is Chisato, and it always has been. But nobody gave her that much credit because she had a very tomboy look to her in the beginning.

      And Tsunku “praising” her doesn’t help your argument either because he rarely goes with the best singer anyway. Koharu got all this attention when the girl couldn’t sing for shit. Risako got all the Berryz attention from the start when she just learned how to stabilize her voice. Sayumi was only chosen to be in Morning Musume because she was cute–and we ALL know she can’t sing to save her life. Aika can barely sing either, but she was chosen to be in 8th gen. Yet, Linlin was one of the best singers in MoMusu and barely got any “praise” at all.

      And last time I checked, this was a blog and it was owned by me.

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