OH NO! Where have you gone!?

Yes it’s Kio, back in the flesh. Head to toe, so freshly dressed.

I’ve been listening to too much Kpop…

Anyway! I’m sorry about that almost-month-long disappearance. As you probably would’ve already figured out, my interenet was out. Yes, it’s the lamest thing in the world. Financial crisis in the US, people!

Well, over those…3-4 weeks, I missed A LOT of H!P news. And it’ll be IMPOSSIBLE for me to get it all squeezed up into one post. So I’m just gonna chop it up according to what it’s about–starting…tomorrow. Sorry, it’s freakin’ almost 9pm over here and I gotta get up early tomorrow morning to eat breakfast…xD (Half day at school so they’re not serving breakfast.)

Okay well, I just wanted to put that out there. Expect one or two posts tomorrow. (Now I have to spend the school day figuring out what will go where xD)

See ya! ~Kio


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