Plastic Hair releases a PV & Two new singles

Sorry I couldn’t get Top! Series out this week; but it’s really long and time-consuming. I’ll get it out this Sunday. Anyway, here goes the news for today.

Erina Mano – LOVE&PEACE = Paradise PV

Erina Mano will be releasing her 5th major single, LOVE&PEACE = Paradise on November 25th, 2009–including the 50 billion editions. Her song will also be the ending to TV Tokyo’s Kitty’s Paradise Peace!. Below is the PV.

So Erina Mano’s new nickname is Plastic Hair okay? Her hair always looks the same and looks as hard as plastic. See what I did there? =D Anyways, the PV is actually kinda cute. I like the set and the little wing mahooters. But the song and her singing is as boring as usual. There’s just nothing different or cool about it. It’s too idol and generic. Generic cat food. Like. Really. Lucky Aura will still remain my favorite song by her.

C-ute’s 11th single: SHOCK!

Lmao. At first I wrote SOCK! xD Well anyways, C-ute’s 11th single, SHOCK!, with an H, is set to release January 6th, 2010 along with the limited edition. Single V is expected on January 13th, 2010. It is the first single without Erika and the first Hello! Project single scheduled for the new year.

S/mileage 3rd Indies: Suki chan

S/mileage will be releasing their 3rd indies single entitled Suki chan on November 23rd, 2009. No information on anything else about it.

Okay so that’s all for now. Till next post!, ~Kio.

Oh yeah. And the Yankees only won because they only have one good player >_>;;


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