(Thanks to H!O for the bigger cover!~)

As I mentioned a few weeks earlier, HANGRY & ANGRY will be releasing a new album entitled Sadistic Dance. It will release on November 18th, 2009. Below is the official tracklisting and a promotional video of the track ‘Top Secret’.

1. Mr. Monkey
2. Top Secret
3. Sadistic Dance
4. Lady Madonna
6. Angelia (2009 version)
7. Shake me
8. Kill Me Kiss Me (2009 version)
9. GIZA GIZA (2009 version)
10. The Peace! (h&A Death track)

Top Secret PV

I love this PV. The budget had to be pretty darn good. The scenes and sets are so cool and H&A-esque. Their make-up and hair look phenomonal. I really hate Rika, she sounds so terrible. Oh well, still doesn’t matter. They both look totally great, the song is killer, and the PV is awesome. I bet you’ll catch yourself humming this tune. What more could you want?

Sorry that Top! Series wasn’t out today. I forgot it was football Monday and it’s pretty late. I’ll hopefully post it tomorrow but I’m still sort of busy. Argh! I’ll try my best! With <3, ~Kio


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