[PBSpam! Part II] Flowers can be a girl’s best friend, too.

As I said before, I will only be doing PBSpam! every other Saturday–just so I don’t have to do so much each weekend. Today we will be going through a tall girl’s 2nd PB. Can you guess? Maybe, probably because you cheated.

Title: Flowerage
Girl: Yurina Kumai
PB #: 2nd Photobook
Release Date: July 27, 2009

Yurina Kumai, a sk8er chick? Hmmm.

Aahh! Just don’t fall and break something!

Wahhh! That bathing suit is so freakin’ cute!

Whoa whoa whoa. Not even in the second PB, Yurina!

Is it just me or does it look like her feet aren’t touching the ground? O.o

That’s one grassy looking beach… =\

This is just so adorable. I want those earrings.

That’s one tasty lookin’ ice cream bar! Just watch out for brain freeze!

*sigh* Let’s just let her think she can fly…

Ugh! She is so pretty!!

The eyeliner really brings out her eyes.

Wtf is that?…

That’s one rusty-looking building…

So cute! That thing in her hair is really sweet-looking too.

“Mmm! I smell geeewwwwd!!”

This is probably THE cutest picture of her.

She really has an awesome body.

From beach to bedroom to rocks to field! What’s next?? Oh, and guess whose butt just grew 3 times bigger within 4 page flips!?

Wow. Fail.

Oh my goodness, now she’s an abused wife making breakfast for her ten kids.

“Back, Bruce! Back, I say!!”

She’s laughing because she just stomped the dog to death!

Killing a dog and throwing it in a river is a lot of work you know! Workout man!

White people in the background!

I don’t know why but, Kaiome laughed hysterically when I showed her this pitcure. I just laughed along…nervously…O.o

“OH YEAH! I rock because I just went down a ten foot slide! WOOT WOOTZ!!”

XD At first, me and Kaiome thought she was holding up her middle finger.

Me and Kai both agreed this was probably one of the prettiest pictures of her.

See, she’s even beautiful without make-up!

Lovely photo. Awesome way to end a photobook.

Overall, I really loved this photobook. There was just absolutely nothing I didn’t like–except that one photo O.o . Yurina is just a beautiful and stunning girl and she deserves any attention she gets. I totally support her on whatever she does. Keep the photobooks rollin’!

Hoped you liked my PB rant! It was a little longer than last time’s. I won’t do another one until 2 weeks from today. Oh, and BTW, Kaiome is my best friend irl; on the internet(when she’s doing Japanese stuff), she uses the name Kaiome. Well, till tomorrow ~Kio.

…Only, tomorrow won’t be the greatest day; Erika…


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