Quick Update [EDIT: Photobook Name]

Sorry about not updating for a little while. I was grounded @_@ . Well anyway, I’ll post the new PBSpam! on Saturday and the Top! Series will be on Sunday. I’ll explain at the end of the post.

Risako Sugaya – Risou

Risako will be releasing a fourth photobook on November 27th. The title is Risou. Risou means “ideal” however, the Kanji in the book title uses Risako’s character ‘Ri’ from her name–clever, no? Hm, now Risako is tied up Momoko, eh?

Buono! – Bravo ☆ Bravo

Above is a preview from Buono!’s newest song, Bravo ☆ Bravo. The release date has not be released yet but it is safe to say it will be sometime in November.

Erina Mano – New Album? Dx

Looks like Erina Mano will be releasing a new album on December 16th. I’m not excited about it, of course. I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t like her. I just collect her songs so it could raise my mp3 collection =] . No information on a title or tracklist.

Okay, that’s all I have for this week. Nothing else really new. As for PBSpam!, I’ve decided that I will do it every other Saturday. So if I do it this week, I won’t do it next week but the week after. I’m sure that makes sense. Top! Series will still always be every Sunday. And that’s about it. Till the next post! ~Kio.

…Has anyone noticed it’s getting very close to Erika’s graduation date?…


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