Four New PVs!

So this past week has obviously been PV release week for H!P. We have one from Morning Musume, one from S/mileage and two from Berryz! Now, let’s take a look-see here and review what we have!

Kimagure Princess – Morning Musume

I don’t understand what so many people liked in the song. The theme just makes no sense. They sound like they were recording in like…a room full of helium. What the hell? As for the PV, it’s just as terrible as the song. The set looks plastic, it’s so ridiculous. Their outfits are as ridiculous as the set. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Wtf is with the cowboy hats and weird pants and junk?? And the damn chorus! Omg! STFU! “SEKUSHII PURINCESU” OMFG! Really. Just. Shut. Up. That ‘sekushii’ word is so overused and I bet it makes just no sense in the lyrics. They just completely screwed up their Nanchatte Renai success.

Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima sugu Koe ga Kikitai – S/mileage

After the trainwreck I just saw with Morning Musume, I hoped S/mileage would do me some good. And they did! First off, the sets are adorable! One reminds me of Christmas and the other one is like a commercial set. And the song even has a sprinkle of Christmas in it too. Is it me, or do they remind you of Tanpopo? When Kago was mixed in there. The dance is still mediocre, but again they’re still eggs. What I really love about the second set is their outfits! Omg the pink and black are so great! I want that outfit! Halloween!! Anyway, I love those huge ass phones too! It really makes sense with the ‘i-want-to-hear-your-voice-right-now’ theme. S/mileage really came through with their second single! Yes!

Ryuusei Boy – Berryz Koubou

Looks like I was right about the outfits. The song is upbeat and fun–it’s good for a theme song. The PV is actually just dancing when you pay attention. I think the thing that makes it a little less noticeable is that the camera moves around alot. There wasn’t alot of switching around shots. You rarely ever saw Chinami, Saki, and Maasa. Yurina was shown once or twice. It was pretty much all Risako and Miyabi. But that’s okay because both of them sound really good on this track. The effects are cool too. I understand there only being dance and close-up shots, they had to shoot two videos at once.

Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama – Berryz Koubou

The second PV of Berryz Koubou’s second double A-side. This one is upbeat and fun as well. It has more of that total J-pop feel, haha. The setting is kinda strange. The costumes remind me alot of the Sexy Otonajan ones back in 2005. The outfits should’ve been a little more mellower in comparison to the set. On the other hand, I like the shots in this one. Saki, Maasa, and Yurina look exeptionally great. I love Risako’s hair too. The ‘future Danna-sama’ scanner was cute. I like this Berryz single!

End! Hope you enjoyed that little collection. On a different note, if PBSpam! is not up today, I’ll put it up tomorrow along with my Top! Series. That should be it for now! Till next time, ~Kio.


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