Top! Series – Favorite C-uties [Part V]

Hello everyone! My Top! Series is back! Today I will be going through my favorite C-ute Members of all time. There will only be four since there was only ever eight members in the group. Here we go!!

04. Chisato Okai
I love Chisato because I think she is so adorable and is a great singer. She’s too underrated and deserves more attention than she gets. Her smile was the first thing that really drew me to her was her smile. It’s just so cute! I don’t know how anyone could resist it!

03. Saki Nakajima
I always thought Saki had a little spark to her. She’s also as underrated as Chisato. She’s such a pretty girl and should get some spotlight even if she isn’t the best singer. Neither are half the girls in C-ute, but they surely get a lot of it. Saki has been in a few subgroups but really doesn’t get anything!

02. Kanna Arihara
Kanna, Kanna, Kanna…What happened? I really wish Kanna didn’t leave. It was a while ago, but I’m still shocked. Like, she’s gone. When I first saw the Massara Blue Jeans PV(which was also my first C-ute song), I was like “What the hell is that??” when Kanna popped up with ‘Massara Buruu Jiinzu!!’. And as I got more and more into Hello! Project, she just grew on me. I’m sad she had to leave, she was so talented, but I’m sure she’ll be happy.

01. Erika Umeda
Eriiiikaaaa!!! Why do you have to go!??!?! Being the oldest and wisest, you have to stay!! Nooo!! October 25th is just too close now! I always loved Ume-chan. She was so talented and brilliant. She was so beautiful and cool. She had some an awesome presence. You’d feel cool if you were just in the same room as her! She had that flare and sweetness. 2 kewl 4 skewl!! You know? Now she’s leaving. All these members are leaving C-ute because they never got their shot. Even Berryz’ members get lines and big moments to shine. C-ute just dropping members like the Japanese bombs on Pearl Harbor! Erika will always be remembered.

Hope you enjoyed my little rant. Day off for Columbus day today so I had time. Um, yeah I don’t think there’s anything else for me to mention, lol. Kay then! Till next time! ~Kio.


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