[PBSpam! Part I] Is there a reason Kago likes to be half-naked?

Yay!! Here is the new weekly series I was talking about! This will be called PBSpam! and in this I’ll be spaming and ranting about recent photobooks released by…well, really anyone. Here is the first one!

Title: Kinyoubi
Girl: Ai Kago
PB #: 4th Photobook (3rd outside of H!P)
Release Date: August 22nd, 2009

Well. I don’t think I have to say too much here.

What the hell? Seriously. Put those rockets back in your boobs, Kago.

These are actually some of the few photos I actually like. I love the tribal feel of them.

Nakedness behind a sheer curtain. Wowzers.

Now, you just know she pushing them together.

Naked Kago. On a bed. The thoughts that would go through a perv’s mind @_@

Here’s some more of those really cool photos I like.

Now Kago gets down to business and rips up those Friday magazines.

Er. Just. No.

Can I just ask wtf is she wearing? And where the hell is she with that on??

This is the last few pages were Kago looks decent.

Overall: I don’t know too much about this PB. I mean I don’t mind nudity but there’s tasteful and then there’s slutty. I’m not really sure where this fell. It wasn’t slutty but I didn’t think it was totally tasteful. I mean really, there was only like 3 groups of pictures where she looked nice. Everything else just gave me a sour look on my face. Honestly, I wouldn’t shoot my whole photobook naked. No thanks.

There goes my little PB rant! I’ll be doing these every Saturday(even though today’s Sunday). Tomorrow I’ll post a new Top!, so look out for that. And yeah, I think that’s it. Thanks for listening to my little rant, buh bye! ~Kio.


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