Fell off the face of the earth…

Yeah. Sorry about that. I haven’t posted since September 19th becauuuuuuuuse….my internet was gone. @_@ Yup that’s about the only excuse you’ll ever hear from me. My parents don’t like to pay bills on time.
Well anyway, while I was gone, a few things have popped up in the H!P universe. So, here goes~!

Morning Musume – Morning Musume Zen Single Coupling Collection

Morning Musume will be releasing a new collection album in just a few days, October 7th to be exact. It will consist of all their b-sides from Ai no Tane to Subete wa Ai no Chikara. Normal edition on top, limited edition on bottom.

Mai Hagiwara – Hagiwara Mai PB

As I said before, Mai Hagiwara will be releasing her 1st PB on October 10th. Normal cover is on top, the limited edition cover is on bottom. A few pictures from the PB are below.

Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess

Above is the cover to Morning Musume’s new single, Kimagure Princess–which is set to release on October 28th. There are also three other editions: Limited A with a DVD, Limited B with a DVD, and Limited C with 10 different covers. Below are group and individual shots.

Outfits are seriously ugly.

Berryz Koubou – Ryuusei Boy / Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama

I posted about this before but here is just a picture I came across. I’m not sure if it’s the outfits for the single or what–we’ll just have to wait and see. This will be another double a-side and will be released on November 11th. It will also be the theme song to the soccer Nintendo DS game ‘Inazuma Eleven 2’ and will be the ending to the anime.

HANGRY & ANGRY – Sadistic Dance Album

Above is the cover to HANGRY & ANGRY’s new album(sorry I couldn’t find a bigger picture). Also, the full tracklisting has been leaked:

1. Sadistic Dance
2. Shake Me
3. Lady Madonna
4. No Future
5. Kill Me Kiss Me (2009 Version)
6. Angelia (2009 Version)
7. GIZA GIZA (2009 Version)
8. Mr. Monkey
9. Top Secret
10. Doubt
11. The Peace! (h&A Death Tracks)

Mr. Monkey intrigues me mostly because, I have a stuffed monkey of the same name =)

Guardians4 – PARTY TIME

Guardians4 will be releasing their 3rd single entitled PARTY TIME. It will release on November 18th. In addition, the new Shugo Chara Egg! lineup will be singing the b-side entitled Watashi no Tamago–which means My Egg.

Erina Mano – LOVE&PEACE=Paradise

Last and surely least, Erina Mano will release yet another single on November 25th entitled LOVE&PEACE=Paradise. Whoopedy doo?

That seems to be it! Phew, that took me a good hour U_U Well again, I’m very sorry I missed out on a lot of things. Like my Top! Series and such. I will continue that next week. And on top of that, I will start another weekly series that I will keep a secret! See you then, ~Kioku.


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