Missed a day of school~

So I was pretty sick today and decided to stay home from school. My throat was really dry and I have a stuffy nose. It’s really irritating and made me weak~ >_> Well anyway, to pass the time, I decided to watch Death Note 2 that I bought yesterday. And boy, that was a awesome decision =D~

So I’m not really gonna explain the whole movie out, that’d be totally boring xD But it was really shocking, sad, and awesome all at the same time. I don’t know if anyone is into the anime or the manga at least, but I definitely recommend it. Even if you’ve never seen or read or even heard of it, just watch the movies, they’re great. The ending made me cry so hard~ T_T;; And if you’ve seen or read the anime/manga, WATCH THE MOVIES–even if there are twists. It’s amazing and addicting. Kenichi & Tatsuya = LOVE <3`

Well I'm gonna go, lol. I'm hungry and my nose is pissing me off. Sayonara minna…~Kioku.


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