Top! Series – Favorite Current Morning Musumes [Part IV]

Okay! Part 4 of the Top! Series. This week it will only be 5 instead of 10 because there are only 9 current Morning Musume members. All Time favorites may come at a later date. Anyway, here goes Top 5 Current Morning Musume Members.

05. Linlin
Linlin was one of the Chinese exchange students in generation eight of Morning Musume. I think the main reason she didn’t get as much attention as Jun Jun at first is because she has already been on stage and probably didn’t appear as cute as Jun Jun did. But she is one of the best MM singers and if you don’t believe, just look at this:

04. Jun Jun
I like Jun Jun because she has a lot of talent and is adorable. She could make a paper bag look cute. I first saw her in Sexy 8 Beat concert and I was all like, “Awww~! She can’t even speak Japanese, cuuuuuute~!”. I put her in front of Linlin because I feel like she’s shown her true personality a little more, while I feel like Linlin holds back a smidge.

03. Risa Niigaki
I always thought Risa was really pretty and had a great voice. She can really sing and derserves her position. She came from the cute 12/13 year old with the bang-less pigtails to the beautiful sub-leader. It’s really just an amazing metamorphasis.

02. Eri Kamei
Loved Eri since the very beginning of knowing Morning Musume. I always thought her voice was just lovely. She’s a very pretty girl and derserves her photobooks. She should really have more camera and song time though, which is why I loved her solo on Platinum 9 DISC.

01. Reina Tanaka
I just absolutely LOVE Reina. There is just nothing to hate. I’m not sure when I really noticed her, but the thing that popped out in my eyes the most was her style. She had a really cool and gothic type style, which I loved because I sometimes dress edgy. I also admired her hairstyles, it just made me totally love her. Reina FTW!

End. Okay so, last week was a pretty slow H!P news week; coincidentally I started school. My blogging won’t really decrease with school, but I just won’t be posting in the morning. I’ll still do these weekly things since I do them on the weekend. So all in all, it’ll pretty much be the same.
I also have a few new ideas, like fanfics of mine, a brand new weekly series, and probably posting graphics. I’ll probably be starting it all soon, so look out for it! =]


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