Here is just a small collection of the photobooks to come in the next 2 months.

Chinami Tokunaga – Chinami

Still in shock Ms. Maasa got her photobook before Chinami. It’s okay though, I love Maasa AND Chinami! <333 I really don't like the cover. It makes her look sick–if you look at her body. It just doesn't look right. =\ Well, I really am enthusiastic about this–even if it doesn't seem that way LOL. Looks like all that's left for a photobook is SAKI!!!!!
Release Date: September 11th

Koharu Kusumi – Sugar Doll
No cover available.
Well, everyone knows I’m not a big fan of Koharu Kusumi but the title just sounds inviting lol. I want to see a cover.
Release Date: September 27th

Mai Hagiwara – TBA
No cover available.
Um. xD. What? Mai Hagiwara?? LOL. I have to laugh! Come on that’s so hilarious! MAI?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Release Date: October 10th

That’s all for now! Till next time ~Kio.


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