Top! Series – Best C-ute Songs [Part II]

First off, I wanna just say sorry I’m a little late. I usually write at night and my time just runs out. Oh well, it’s okay because it’s here! Here is the second week of Top! Series: Best C-ute Songs.

10. Disco Queen (Saki Nakajima & Mai Hagiwara)
Haha. This song is just so fun. Even though the singers aren’t the best, it’s really good.

09. Namida no Iro
Meh, I don’t really like the song so much because it’s a COMPLETE AiriMaimi show, but, it’s still a really nice song. The beat is cool and it’s very dancy. It’s cool.

08. Sweeeeets—>Live (Kanna Arihara & Chisato Okai)
LOL, I can’t have fun!? The crazy arcade jungle song has beat Namida no Iro. Who cares! It’s so much cooler! It’s fun and weird. Plus it’s Kanna and Chisato? Who CAN’T love that??

07. Otome COCORO
I really love this one. It’s a very pretty ballad. It’s really calming and peaceful. If you’re in a good mood, this is one of the songs you want to listen to. And Chisato’s a lead!

06. One’s LIFE (Erika Umeda, Mai Hagiwara, & Chisato Okai)
You’re retarded if you don’t like this song at least a bit. IT HAS ERIKA AND CHISATO RAPPING. COME ON. It is so entertaining! Seriously, listen!(Because Erika’s da best, fosho!)

05. Tokaikko Junjou
C-ute transition from C-ute to S-exy. Um. What I’d just say? Anyway, it was definitely a defferent song for C-ute. But I like it. The dance is definitely kick-ass and nobody can do it but still an AiriMaimi show. That’s okay, it’s fun =]

04. Homerare Nobiko no Theme Song
I love this one. It has a techno feel with poppy fun. It’s cool. I love it, just..yeah. Wtf, I’m getting repetitive.

03. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! THIS SONG IS CRAZY FUN! It’s dancy. Fun. Energetic. Cheerful. GENKI! SHIAWASE! SUGOOOOIIIII~! Listen to it and I dare you to not hum.

02. Bye Bye Bye!
I know it doesn’t have Kanna in it and I promised myself I’d get uninterested with C-ute then but….it’s awesome. The technoness and effects make it ten times better. I love it(Gomen ne Kanna-san!!).

01. Massara Blue Jeans
The first C-ute song ever. And one of the first Hello! Project songs I ever listened to. I immediately fell in love with it. Everytime I listened to it, I did the dance–which I also loved. It shows you where C-ute came from, when there was 8 members. You gotta appreciate it.

Hope you like and possibly agree with this! Thanks for reading through, till next time ~Kio.


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