Koharu Kusumi to Graduate



I mean, I never really liked Koharu in the first place but…I really didn’t expect this. She was one of the most liked Morning Musumes, even though she couldn’t sing. This just really struck me off guard. I wouldn’t think she would graduate for like another 2-3 years. She’s only generation 7…

Her goodbyes:
Thank you for all the continuous support. After being a member of Morning Musume for 4 years 4 months, I will be graduating at the concert at Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.
Then I will take the challenge at one of my dream jobs, modeling.
In the past, I was performing as a member of Morning Musume, but in the future, I wish to work as Kusumi Koharu, going to the direction of all my dreams and all the things I want to achieve.
Please support me.

Well, the only thing I’m pretty happy about is that she won’t be opening her mouth anymore to sing. She’ll be going into modeling, which I guess is pretty good because she’s photogenic. The last date we’ll see her is December 6, 2009. In the very end, this isn’t the last time we’ll see Koharu.
And there goes Morning Musume’s 2-year no-change-in-lineup…

End. So today, I was going to post a review but this was pretty big. And like no blogs had this out yet so I wanted to be one of the first ones. I’ll still post the review, but later tonight. Best of luck to Koharu. Till then ~Kio.

Missed a day of school~

So I was pretty sick today and decided to stay home from school. My throat was really dry and I have a stuffy nose. It’s really irritating and made me weak~ >_> Well anyway, to pass the time, I decided to watch Death Note 2 that I bought yesterday. And boy, that was a awesome decision =D~

So I’m not really gonna explain the whole movie out, that’d be totally boring xD But it was really shocking, sad, and awesome all at the same time. I don’t know if anyone is into the anime or the manga at least, but I definitely recommend it. Even if you’ve never seen or read or even heard of it, just watch the movies, they’re great. The ending made me cry so hard~ T_T;; And if you’ve seen or read the anime/manga, WATCH THE MOVIES–even if there are twists. It’s amazing and addicting. Kenichi & Tatsuya = LOVE <3`

Well I'm gonna go, lol. I'm hungry and my nose is pissing me off. Sayonara minna…~Kioku.

Top! Series – Favorite Current Morning Musumes [Part IV]

Okay! Part 4 of the Top! Series. This week it will only be 5 instead of 10 because there are only 9 current Morning Musume members. All Time favorites may come at a later date. Anyway, here goes Top 5 Current Morning Musume Members.

05. Linlin
Linlin was one of the Chinese exchange students in generation eight of Morning Musume. I think the main reason she didn’t get as much attention as Jun Jun at first is because she has already been on stage and probably didn’t appear as cute as Jun Jun did. But she is one of the best MM singers and if you don’t believe, just look at this:

04. Jun Jun
I like Jun Jun because she has a lot of talent and is adorable. She could make a paper bag look cute. I first saw her in Sexy 8 Beat concert and I was all like, “Awww~! She can’t even speak Japanese, cuuuuuute~!”. I put her in front of Linlin because I feel like she’s shown her true personality a little more, while I feel like Linlin holds back a smidge.

03. Risa Niigaki
I always thought Risa was really pretty and had a great voice. She can really sing and derserves her position. She came from the cute 12/13 year old with the bang-less pigtails to the beautiful sub-leader. It’s really just an amazing metamorphasis.

02. Eri Kamei
Loved Eri since the very beginning of knowing Morning Musume. I always thought her voice was just lovely. She’s a very pretty girl and derserves her photobooks. She should really have more camera and song time though, which is why I loved her solo on Platinum 9 DISC.

01. Reina Tanaka
I just absolutely LOVE Reina. There is just nothing to hate. I’m not sure when I really noticed her, but the thing that popped out in my eyes the most was her style. She had a really cool and gothic type style, which I loved because I sometimes dress edgy. I also admired her hairstyles, it just made me totally love her. Reina FTW!

End. Okay so, last week was a pretty slow H!P news week; coincidentally I started school. My blogging won’t really decrease with school, but I just won’t be posting in the morning. I’ll still do these weekly things since I do them on the weekend. So all in all, it’ll pretty much be the same.
I also have a few new ideas, like fanfics of mine, a brand new weekly series, and probably posting graphics. I’ll probably be starting it all soon, so look out for it! =]

Hello! Project Roundup

A few Hello! Project things for this past week.

Morning Musume B-side

The b-side to Morning Musume’s 41st single Kimagure Princess is Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun–which translates to Love Me, Love Me, for Just One More Minute.

Mai Hagiwara Solo DVD

Mai Hagiwara solo DVD will be called Hagiwara Mai in Hachijo-jima; which means Mai Hagiwara in Hachijo Island. It will be released on October 21st, 2009.

Erina Mano Concert

Erina Mano will have her first concert tour called Erina Mano First Concert Tour 2009 Introduction ~Hajimete no Kandou~. No information on the date yet.

Koharu Kusumi Photobook Cover

Koharu Kusumi’s Sugar Doll cover is above. It will be released September 27th, 2009.

Top! Series – Best Disbanded/One-shots [Part III]

Part 3 of my Top! Series. This week is Best Disbanded/One Shots. A disbanded group is a group who released 2+ singles and officially disbanded. A one-shot group is a group who only released one single and disbanded or stopped releasing.

10. GAM [Disbanded]
Consisting of Aya and Miki, GAM was the sexy duo who always showed off their gams. They had very strong vocal skill which made all of their songs very easy to listen to. Whether it was a pretty ballad or punky rock, GAM never ceased to amaze. I put them at number ten because they made every wota hard with their song Melodies.

09. Pucchimoni [Disbanded]
Pucchimoni was originally formed with Sayaka Ichii, Mai Goto, and Kei Yasuda. But after Sayaka Ichii graduated, Yossy(Hitomi Yoshizawa) took her place. They released 3 more singles and an album after that. The group when on a very long hiatus before officially disbanded after they graduated with the rest of Elder Club. Pucchimoni is number nine because their songs were too uplifting and entergetic to ignore.

08. W [Disbanded]
Another very successful duo. Instead of sexy, this duo sported the “ultra-cute” image. This duo had ‘the twins’ Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji. W released 6 singles, 1 cover album, and 1 original album before splitting up. Sadly, Kago was caught in two serious scandals and the duo could not move on. W is number eight because they have super catchy music and you have to love these cute twins.

07. Minimoni [Disbanded]
Minimoni was a four-member unit who also had the “ultra-cute” image. Minimoni was the most popular Morning Musume sub-group created. Mari Yaguchi was the master mind and asked Ai Kago, Nozomi Tsuji, and Mika Todd to join. While Ai, Mari, Nozomi were wearing pink and cute skirts, Mika Todd was left to wear blue and jumpsuits because she preceded the 4′ 11″ height rule. After Mari Yaguchi left, Takahashi Ai was added to the group. Unfortunately, when this happened the group lowered in popularity and ultimately disbanded. Minimoni is number seven because their cute image was beyond this universe and their happy-go-lucky personalities fit into everything else.

06. Coconuts Musume [Disbanded]
Originally made of 4 Americans and 1 Japanese, Coconuts Musume was the group that defied all. It is the only group so far to feature American members. Most of their songs had upbeat happiness to it. But some members just werent feeling the music. Two members left the group and Hello! Project before the 3rd single–both had difficulty learning and adapting to Japan. One new member was added and Coconuts Musume went on 4nin for only two more singles and one more graduated. Ayaka was the only one left in the very end, but graduated in March 2009. Coconuts Musume is sixth because they’re exciting and interesting even though they weren’t so popular.

05. T&C Bomber [Disbanded]
One of the most least known groups in all Hello! Project, had the most potential. T&C had awesome vocal ability and even had one Chinese member. T&C stayed 4nin throughout their whole existence but sadly fadened after 8 singles and 2 albums. T&C Bomber deserves number five because of their amazing vocal ability and dancy hits.

04. Aa! [One-shot]
Made of three of the youngest members at the time, Aa! was a extremely successful one-shot consisting of Airi Suzuki, Miyabi Natsuyaki, and Reina Tanaka. This group released one single of the name FIRST KISS–which was a urban-ish song. Aa! makes number four because of their cool song and nice vocals.

03. ZYX [Disbanded]
ZYX was created with Erika Umeda, Mari Yaguchi, Saki Shimizu, Maimi Yajima, Megumi Murakami, and Momoko Tsugunaga. They released 2 singles with cover remixes as b-sides. They covered the Coconuts Musume song, Tokonatsu Musume and the T&C Bomber song, Gatamekira. ZYX is number three because they are catchy and included some of the best H!P members of all time.

02. Melon Kinenbi [Disbanded]
Another unpopular group, but still amazing. Melon Kinenbi consisted of Hitomi Saitou, Ayumi Shibata, Masae Ootani, and Megumi Murata. Megumi was known for her glasses and Masae was known for her ever-changing hairstyles. The group also had great vocal skill. Even though Akai Freesia was their highest selling single, it only sold about 46,000 copies. The group came to an end along with the rest of Elder Club in March 2009. Melon Kinenbi makes number two because the group had amazing vocals and some of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard.

01. High-King [One-shot]
Probably THE BEST sub-group/one-shot ever created. Their whole purpose was to promote the Cinderella Musical last year in June 2008. But their success lives on. High-King is formed with Reina Tanaka, Ai Takahashi, Saki Shimizu, Maimi Yajima and the Hello! Pro Egg Yuuka Maeda. This group definitely prospered with their only single C\C (Cinderella\Complex). The reggaeton and hip-hop beat brought many intrigued and interested fans. High-King DESERVES number one because they are full of amazing personalities and one extraordinary song.

Thank you very much for getting through it all! Hope you enjoyed it. Till next time, ~Kio.


Here is just a small collection of the photobooks to come in the next 2 months.

Chinami Tokunaga – Chinami

Still in shock Ms. Maasa got her photobook before Chinami. It’s okay though, I love Maasa AND Chinami! <333 I really don't like the cover. It makes her look sick–if you look at her body. It just doesn't look right. =\ Well, I really am enthusiastic about this–even if it doesn't seem that way LOL. Looks like all that's left for a photobook is SAKI!!!!!
Release Date: September 11th

Koharu Kusumi – Sugar Doll
No cover available.
Well, everyone knows I’m not a big fan of Koharu Kusumi but the title just sounds inviting lol. I want to see a cover.
Release Date: September 27th

Mai Hagiwara – TBA
No cover available.
Um. xD. What? Mai Hagiwara?? LOL. I have to laugh! Come on that’s so hilarious! MAI?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Release Date: October 10th

That’s all for now! Till next time ~Kio.

Top! Series – Best C-ute Songs [Part II]

First off, I wanna just say sorry I’m a little late. I usually write at night and my time just runs out. Oh well, it’s okay because it’s here! Here is the second week of Top! Series: Best C-ute Songs.

10. Disco Queen (Saki Nakajima & Mai Hagiwara)
Haha. This song is just so fun. Even though the singers aren’t the best, it’s really good.

09. Namida no Iro
Meh, I don’t really like the song so much because it’s a COMPLETE AiriMaimi show, but, it’s still a really nice song. The beat is cool and it’s very dancy. It’s cool.

08. Sweeeeets—>Live (Kanna Arihara & Chisato Okai)
LOL, I can’t have fun!? The crazy arcade jungle song has beat Namida no Iro. Who cares! It’s so much cooler! It’s fun and weird. Plus it’s Kanna and Chisato? Who CAN’T love that??

07. Otome COCORO
I really love this one. It’s a very pretty ballad. It’s really calming and peaceful. If you’re in a good mood, this is one of the songs you want to listen to. And Chisato’s a lead!

06. One’s LIFE (Erika Umeda, Mai Hagiwara, & Chisato Okai)
You’re retarded if you don’t like this song at least a bit. IT HAS ERIKA AND CHISATO RAPPING. COME ON. It is so entertaining! Seriously, listen!(Because Erika’s da best, fosho!)

05. Tokaikko Junjou
C-ute transition from C-ute to S-exy. Um. What I’d just say? Anyway, it was definitely a defferent song for C-ute. But I like it. The dance is definitely kick-ass and nobody can do it but still an AiriMaimi show. That’s okay, it’s fun =]

04. Homerare Nobiko no Theme Song
I love this one. It has a techno feel with poppy fun. It’s cool. I love it, just..yeah. Wtf, I’m getting repetitive.

03. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! THIS SONG IS CRAZY FUN! It’s dancy. Fun. Energetic. Cheerful. GENKI! SHIAWASE! SUGOOOOIIIII~! Listen to it and I dare you to not hum.

02. Bye Bye Bye!
I know it doesn’t have Kanna in it and I promised myself I’d get uninterested with C-ute then but….it’s awesome. The technoness and effects make it ten times better. I love it(Gomen ne Kanna-san!!).

01. Massara Blue Jeans
The first C-ute song ever. And one of the first Hello! Project songs I ever listened to. I immediately fell in love with it. Everytime I listened to it, I did the dance–which I also loved. It shows you where C-ute came from, when there was 8 members. You gotta appreciate it.

Hope you like and possibly agree with this! Thanks for reading through, till next time ~Kio.